Workplace Bias

Workplace Bias
Workplace Bias

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Workplace Bias


The kind of working relationships that exist between employees and employers influence the social and economic order in many ways. Workplace bias is an issue that undermines productivity and performance. Good employee-employee and employer-employee relations are products of civilization and education. According to Mann & Roberts (2015), discriminating against a certain race, gender, and group of persons can cause irreparable damages to both the company and the effected individuals.

Therefore, there is need to strengthen the anti-discrimination ideals to trim down the few cases reported in the United States each day. The country needs the finest practices to realize a responsive labor market. The reality is that the extent of scrutiny, time, and quality of information dedicated to training and public awareness can influence the workplace culture. The objective based on the argument of Berger (2015), is to create an environment that is bias free. Institutions like the U.S. Equality Employment Opportunity Commission have formulated recommendations with the aim of creating awareness about the illegality of unfair employment practices.

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