Workflow Management



The only way that knowledge can be implemented is by using the information available, to tackle the problems or even scrutinize the available opportunities. In a global market, creation and management of knowledge are done through bringing out the distinctive characteristics between mediocrity and competitive superiority (Gimlin, 2012). 

The ability to manage the complicated systems of information and communication that usually come together to build up knowledge in an Organization that is dynamic is a difficult assignment. For this to comprehend, one needs first to understand the flow of information and communication in the diverse areas and activities that take place in an organization, including its processes or workflow (JDA, 2013).

    Workflow management encompasses various factors including, the utilization of a minimum amount of   available resources, maximizing the value that is built for customers, ensuring that all the measures concerning total quality management have been met and re-engineering (Gimlin, 2012). When workflow has been well managed, it steers an organization in attaining its objectives and the goals set for the identification of problems and establishing decision- making processes that eradicate those problems (JDA, 2013).

    Going’s manufacturing division, so as to streamline its workflow, it requires monitoring process planning and scheduling. Therefore, the organization is to ensure that there are comprehensive harmonized, possible responsive solutions to tackle, balance and assign across all the operations spectrum of the firm. Perfect solution for Going Inc.  production planning needs should incorporate all of the above.

Thus acquiring a customizable functionality that helps in providing the required support for all of its precise needs (JDA, 2013). Production planning offers solutions to the problem of poor relationships with its unions.  Putting in plans the right programs to allow employees air out their opinions and grievances is part of production planning. Thus enabling the organization to optimize performance and ensure its desired results are achieved and provide an appropriate responsiveness to the market (Gimlin, 2012).

Going’s Inc. can solve the problems involved in production planning process through drawing a workflow diagram. It helps conceptualize how tasks and activities will follow between resources whether they are people or machines and provide the conditions that allow a smooth flow of these activities. It can be adopted for the purposes of documentation and implementation because it gives a complete over view of a business process (Gassmann, 2012).

Going Inc. workflow can be streamlined if it focuses on its capacity and the problems associated with how much airplanes they produce and deliver to their clients. One efficient way of streamlining work log is the use of technology and control systems in the production process so that the human element is reduced and machines are embraced. In Going Inc. there is a problem of work backlog.

The number of planes produced, is low than the demanded ones. For this problem to be corrected, the company can adopt the time study measurement of all activities and study on line balancing, study of re-work/scrap dollars as the immediate methods of improving the problem of backlog encountered in the production of planes. A time study measure helps establish a bottom-line from which to direct the improvement efforts.

It also helps in assisting on setting the work standard to regulate performance (JDA, 2013). It is very difficult to know whether there is improvement in work or differences in performance in a unit if there is no time study measure. Line balancing on the other hand levels the workload across all the processes in a unit or value stream so as to eliminate bottlenecks and excess capacity. Any problem slows the process and capacity in excess yields to waiting and usually there is no absorption of fixed costs.

Inventory management is a system within a company that controls the ordering process of plane components required for production, it also ensures that these components are stored property without damages and finally that they are used in the right scale in the planes already manufactured and ready for sale. Inventory department in Going Inc. also ensures quality check and quality of the final products.

Going basically has 10,000 parts going into the models of planes under production. Her inventory and stock taking is done once a year and it is done by an external firm. Of those 10,000 components, 30,000 are stored at Goings assembly point in hanger (JDA, 2013).

Through a critical analysis Going’s inventory, it is evident there exists a gap. Inventory and stock taking is a sensitive area and it should not be solely left to an external firm. Heavy losses could be incurred in case of a go slow leaving Going with completely no parts to go into production. Considering that only 30% of these parts are stored in Hanger, queue/moving of the remaining 70% should possibly occur more frequently leading to exposure of these delicate parts to hazards such as accidents and carjacking.

As a recommendation, Going should come up with a department within the company to help in inventories and also expand the warehouse at Hanger to accommodate more parts.


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