What would you change in Society

What would you change in Society
What would you change in Society

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What would you change in Society

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Annotated Bibliography

Buckingham, David “Fake News: Is Media Literacy the Answer?” DavidBuckingham.net. 12 Jan 2017 Accessed. 7 May 2020 https://davidbuckingham.net/2017/01/12/fake-news-is-media-literacy-the-answer/

David Buckingham’s key point is that there is fake news that tampers with important news in the world. Using comparisons of the Trump campaign, to the UK, and Kim Jong-Un named the sexiest man alive for 2012 are all false media while the captivating news is blurred.

Hinken, Brian. “Confession of a Recovering Knower.” Desire2Learn. 29 Jan. 2020 Accessed. 7 May 2020

The author’s telos is informative convincing that it’s ok to be a learner, be patient, relearn and recycle the knowledge. The chart was very informative on how to become a learner. Learning is developing an ability to research more knowledge. I understood perfectly the logos in which the article was written.

Manson, Mark “Why You Should Quit the News.” MarkManson.net 20 Jan 2020 Accessed 7 May 2020 https://markmanson.net/why-you-should-quit-the-news

What would you change in Society

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There are certain biases within our minds that we all fall victim to and the news media leverages them to keep us engaged and wanting more. There’s a negativity bias, a well-documented effect where people pay more attention and have more intense emotional responses to negative events.

Mondal, Puja “7 Most Important Elements of Society: Society.” Your Article Library, 12 Dec. 2013, Accessed 7 May 2020 www.yourarticlelibrary.com/society/7-most-important-elements-of-society-society/6242.

Authority: Every society has some sort of authority. Every members of society has to obey this authority. Some sort of authority is necessary for the maintenance of order in society.

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