What is love? Essay Paper

What is love?
What is love?

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What is love

What is love?. Love can be said to be a strong emotion of affection towards somebody else. It brings about personal attachment between two or more people. Love is usually demonstrated through acts of compassion and personal kindness as demonstrated by Madame Rosa who adopts Momo who is an orphaned young boy. She gives him accommodation and takes care of his needs. Madame Rosa treats Momo as one of her own. Momo also comes to the aid of his foster mother especially when she grows old and is unable to attend to her daily routine.

He supports her even when she is unable to walk like when he supports her when climbing the stairs. This unselfish and benevolent concern for one another in times of need and happiness is the true manifestation of love. Love goes beyond the physical appearance of a person. It means being concerned with somebody’s welfare and well being. This is as demonstrated by Madame Rosa when he adopts Momo.

If she had not done so, the young boy could have been exposed to the many dangers that face street children of being prone to all manner of evils like drug addiction, diseases, theft and even death. The way Madame Rosa identifies with the boy and rescues him from the vulnerability of street life shows great compassion and affection. The assertion by Madame Rosa that “I’ve never really loved anybody else” (Gary 152) demonstrates how her heart and spirit had embraced this young boy to a point that they were inseparable.

What is love

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It shows that psychologically, Madame Rosa felt at home and at ease when living with this boy even though they had no blood relationship. The boy felt great affection towards this woman who shows him the motherly love that he had not experienced. This act of concern makes the boy treasure the woman so much that the bond between the two can be said to be inexplicably strong.

Madame Rosa depicts the care being accorded her by the boy in great stride. She knows that since she has grown old, nobody is really interested in her. She therefore knows that Momo, is her everything from providing her support to doing almost all the domestic chores in the house. This scenario reminds Madame Rosa of her glorious days and also reminds her of the current status where she is old and unable to attend to all her needs. She is not worried because she knows that there is somebody who will unwaveringly attend to all her needs.

The impeccable thing is that this boy is at peace to reciprocate what the woman did to him when he was also in need. This is also depicted in the poem ‘When you are old’ where it says “But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you,” (http://www.poetryfoundation.org/poem/172055 ). Love is therefore demonstrated as the acts of kindness and compassion to somebody regardless of whether you know him or her.

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Such acts of kindness will are reciprocated when one may also be in need. God is known to reward all acts of kindness and passionate love for others in many ways and this underscores the notion that each one of us should treat others like their own. This will make us find solace and the grace in life since our ways will be atoned with God’s grace. This is as depicted by Shakespeare when he says our good acts in life will make us not “look at myself, cursing my fate” (http://shakespeare-online.com/sonnets/29detail.html )

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