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Website Development
Website Development

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Website Development Portal Site (1S)

This paper gives an outline of the development of a design document for a website that is meant to assist students at Trident University International with the ITM program as they transition through this from their first courses to the last through the utilization of the Information Architecture (IA) design method from the Webmonkey site.

Goal Definition

The short and long term goals for this site will include

The primary short term goal in this case will be in easing the usability of the site, a factor that will make the site navigable thus enabling the students to utilize the contents of the site through their current course workloads (Balloni, 2010). This will be achieved through the development of a navigational system that clearly states the objectives of the course and a flow of communication, a factor that will make accessibility simpler for the students.

On the other hand, the long-term goals on this site will be pegged on assisting the students through their entire courses as Trident University. This will therefore determine the inclusion of a communicational flow, a single sign-on, grading systems, an auto-enroll policy and a transitioned approach upon graduation.

Questions To Structure the Goals of the Website

Some of the essential questions that will be used in structuring the goals of the site include:

Question 1: Who are the sites intended audience

Answer: The site will focus on the current students, the Trident Universities Faculty members, the student’s family members and the Alumnae’s who will be included for the purposes of keeping records.

Question 2: Why will the students come to my website?

Answer: The rationale for students visiting my site will be based on the complete support that the site offers the learners, a factor that will aid them in getting information about the systems of the university for the future students and parents. This will be achieved through the inclusion of a fully supported program for the students in ITM.

Considering that these questions are straightforward, they will be blended with the aim of developing the conceptual framework that will be utilized in building the website that will support the ITM students through their learning period in this institution (Scacchi, 2003). Having summarized and determined the questions in this first part, the design of this document will additionally focus on a short discussion of the goals that I would want to achieve in the development of this site.

It is in this case important to indentify that the overall goal I have developed for this site is in the fact that the site will be a source of support to the students in their ITM program. The site will be in a position of helping the student’s in making transitions from their first course through to the last. My short term focus will be based on the concentration that will be initiated to provide the most essential and immediate programs that meet the learning needs of the students in their current course schedules.

In this case, the website will be developed in a manner that enables the students to easily access their course contents with the aim of acquiring their current course needs in this portal. This therefore means that the website will provide background information of the sources as well as the objectives that will be incorporated through an open line of communication that allows the students to interact with other peers who are undertaking the same course (Scacchi, 2003).

Additionally, the support provided in the site will also take the form of developing interactive segments with the professors, thus aimed at helping the students receive answers to their questions during the course duration. Considering that the institution has a large populace, the site will be developed to allow multiple usability including its accessibility in different locations.

Taking a closer consideration of the long-term goals of this site, there is a need of developing an achieve that will enable the returning students on the site to acquire information on the courses that they had undertaken and the remaining courses required to fulfill the institutions courses required in graduating to the degree level (Sommerville, 2010). This record will also grant the graduating students the ability to review their performances. Additionally, the site will also have a single sign-in interface that will ensure the students do not make multiple logins to access the site.

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A public access section will also be included in the site that will give the usurers of this site the capacity to conduct overviews of the Universities structures and systems and the manner in which the ITM course relates to the core functions of the University. It is important to mention that this faced will be disintegrated during the process of design documentation (Sommerville, 2010).

However, my main objective is directed towards the development of a site that will enable the students and other prospective students including the graduates to access relevant content on their course including offering the assistance through their entire courses as Trident University

In order to develop an effective site, I conducted a survey on some of the students to determine what they would prefer having on the site. I was in a position to learn that the students wanted an inclusion of the institutions curriculum activities in the site. This would make the site interesting and attractive. Additionally, the students wanted some section of the site include the levies that would be paid in every semester in order to allow them access such information through the site.


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