Netflix Movie: The Social Dilemma Movie Review

The Social Dilemma Movie
The Social Dilemma Movie

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Netflix Movie: The Social Dilemma Movie Review


Option 1: Watch the NETFLIX: THE SOCIAL DILEMMA Movie and analyze one or two of its themes. Consider the various ways in which the themes are addressed using specific aspects of the film like characters, interactions, setting, specific scenes, dialogue, and even music and framing. Consider what the film is doing to interact with that theme or make it resonate. Consider how most of the themes we’ve pointed out so far are a commentary on some aspect of society. Consider how effective the aspects you decide to analyze (characters, setting, etc) are at addressing the themes you’ve chosen.

Remember that the key is *analysis*. Explain your thoughts. Use evidence from the films to support your thoughts. Don’t just summarize the films. Use specific examples from the film to make your point.

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