The Social Dilemma Movie Analysis

The Social Dilemma
The Social Dilemma

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The Social Dilemma Movie Analysis


Watch the Social Dilemma movie and answer the following: Please read carefully as it is worth a lot of marks.

1. The The Social Dilemma movie makes the point that: We were all looking for the moment when technology would overwhelm human strengths and intelligence. When is it going to cross the singularity, replace our jobs, be smarter than humans? But there’s this much earlier moment… when technology exceeds and overwhelms human weaknesses. This point being crossed is at the root of addiction, polarization, radicalization, outrage-ification, vanity-ification, the entire thing.

This is overpowering human nature, and this is checkmate on humanity.Is there another tipping point that people have not foreseen until now, when technology and the greed of large organizations destroy human society as we know it. We can call it the “Point of Social Collapse” when society spins out of control and breaks down. What do you think about this observation – are we moving toward a “Point of Social Collapse?” Defend your answer.(5)

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2. One commentator who reviewed the film said, “We all know the excruciating nightmare that is middle school, when all of a sudden you no longer take for granted what your parents tell you and decide that what you really need is to be considered cool or at least not a total loser by your friends at school. Now multiply that by the big, unregulated world of the internet. This is why there is a precipitous spike in anxiety, depression, self-harm, and suicide attempts by the girls of Gen Z, current middle and high schoolers, as much as triple in some categories.”Do you agree with this comment? State reasons in support of your opinion. (5)

3. One of the people in the film refers to the fact that social media uses your own psychology against you. What does she mean by that? (3)

4. Explain the meaning of the phrase, “If the service is free, then you are the product.”(2)

5. How are the feeds of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Instagram tailored to the user?(3)

6. Some people say that the singularity has already arrived that we are already living in a time controlled by computers. Do you agree or disagree? Justify your conclusions.(5)

7. This film complains about manipulation by the social media giants. However, it too manipulates its audience. Cite some instances. (3)

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8. Follow up question: Even though some scenes are fictional, do they ring true? Do they appear to be true to life and therefore meaningful? (2)

9. Do you think that you could go for a week without your cell phone? (1)

10. How important is your right to privacy?(2)

11. Give some examples of social interactions and their level of importance to you? (3) 12. Is social media a drug? Justify you’re answer.

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