The Secret Language of Numbers

The Secret Language of Numbers
The Secret Language of Numbers

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The Secret Language of Numbers

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Part 1

Discuss how language impacts number processing for children in the United States. 

Part 2

Select the prompt appropriate to your level. (I currently teach 8th grade mathematics)·         

* If you teach pre-K through 8, how do you address this (or plan to address this) in your classroom?

Provide your own strategies for helping children see, for example, that factors are “number friends” or that numbers love to play.

How could the information in this table be used to help your students?

Utilize Table 4.2 (p. 88) from the Sousa (2015) text in your discussion.

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The Secret Language of Numbers

How language influences number processing for children in the United States.

Tests conducted on children about their performance in mathematics usually rank US children dismally. While several factors determine the overall performance in mathematics, language plays a key role in the efficiency of most of the inherent operations within mathematics. A case example is counting, where the English language ranks among the slowest in terms of speaking out the numbers. This, in comparison to languages native in China, is quite slow and leads to a slower pace of reading.

In addition to the reading speed, the differences in language also affect memory capacity, where the ability of the learner to store the numbers is affected by the language. The naming system in the language is also a determining factor in the number processing ability for children in the US. A comparison between Chinese and American children proved that the more logical naming convention of numbers in China helps the Chinese students learn faster and are therefore able to count much farther and therefore process numbers better than their American age-mates (Sousa, 2015)…..

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