The Revenant Film Review

The Revenant Film Review
The Revenant Film Review

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The Revenant Film Review

This paper sets out to review the movie The Revenant Film while examining the main actor. The paper will also consider the quality of photo shooting among other themes. The Revenant’ begins with dream images; there are snippets of memories that depict a peaceful way of life- and losing that peace and life. As mage changes, viewers can hear the sound of gurgling water and a forest, which symbolizes peace, triggering the beauty of nature.

This movie demonstrates a story of harrowing conditions using images that are remarkably attractive (Kim, 2015). This is a movie that depicts endurance and loss of life and appalling action of sudden violence. Regardless of all the primitiveintensity, the movie is also moderately with immersive quality.                                                                                                                    

There is a contrast between the film’s poetic beauty and ugly violence- this means that the director purposed to embrace difference to pass across particular ideas about the human disruption of nature. The message is well articulated using images of how man disrupts nature to validate these simplistic understanding of events. Be it deliberate or not, Iñarritu demonstrates the primary star of Revenant using honesty and intricacy that are not used in such types of movies  (Semlyen, 2016). The main actor, in this case, is not Leonardo DiCaprio but nature.  

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The movie does not, however, appear like a vengeance narrative but rather an epic to the instinctive splendor of nature and the unyielding, unrestrained power that underlies life. While the movie presents an enormously spellbinding and touching experience to those that love the wasteland, it is nonetheless, a photographic work of art and an exceptional piece of conventional moviemaking for the lover of film. Much as the movie has numerous inconsistencies, it is one of a kind that you are unlikely to find in cinema halls the midterm future.

The photography is quite exceptional, and the bear mauling picturesque is well presented. However, it may utterly fail you if you try to follow the plot with all the seriousness. For instance, the Indiana Jones adventure lacks the humor.

It becomes tricky to attempt to separate The Revenant from its meaning because the two are one and the same thing. The film epitomizes magnificent beauty, highlighting splendid, spiritual issues to do with retribution and reawakening. Morally, the film advocates for the spirit of never give up and perhaps the reason you keep watching is the curiosity to have a glimpse of what might happen around the corner.

The uncertainty that lies ahead is what keeps one glued to the TV screen.  While the plot of the Revenant is a ploy that presents the movie with a particular structure, a good wrap is not the movie’s key theme or component. This film is attractive in the sense that it reflects nature in unflinchingly clear and amazing away. In fact, Iñarritu views the human protagonists as an element of nature in spite of their destructive activities.

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The main achievement of this movie is the holistic perspective; it reflect the actors as other species who try to live in the appalling environment. The focus is not on the moral element of injustices Leonardo DiCaprio suffers or how American natives are oppressed; rather it is about how Iñarritu try to keep emotional space like he was capturing a documentary on predators  (Robbie, 2016).

Some violent scenes in the movie are related to a reaction to protection. The villain in the movie is motivated by fear rather than hate; the obvious defects were due to traumatizing circumstances. In nature, there is a straightforward rationale that makes men behave how they do in the movie.                                                                                                       

Ultimately, Leonardo Dicaprio presents a whirlwind performance as the battered Glass whose quest for endurance pushes him on Herzogian trek to the brinks of life and death  (Robbie, 2016). As a previous Oscar nominee for The Aviator and The Wolf of Wall Street among others, it becomes evident that DiCaprio executes a powerful movie that is informed primarily by the physiological features that oral articulation. For instance, we see Leo plunge into chilly waters, being buried alive and creeping into a still-warm animal cadaver for a nap. At that point, we see firsthand why the bear was unable to maul him as he walked to the podium for an Oscar victory.


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