The Department of Emergency Essay

The Department of Emergency
The Department of Emergency

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The Department of Emergency

Question 24

The Department of Emergency has the role of providing emergency services that are comprehensive to all patients 24 hours in 7 days of a week throughout the year. In particular, it offers patient care services including:

  • Accepting every patient who comes with acute illness and provide treatment for them.
  • Accepting 5-level triage patients as stipulated in the Canadian Triage Acuity Scale System (CTAS); and ensure assessment and sorting of patients is done according to acuity.
  • Performing emergent resuscitation and medical intervention.
  • Planning for the assessing, diagnosis, treatment as well as referrals for specialized medical treatment for all patients when necessary.
  • Providing advanced Trauma Care for patients with trauma.
  • Liaising with all other departments in the hospital for admission of patients and follow-up.
  • Providing care when a disaster occurs within the community by operating an Urgent Care Centre in a manner that is almost continuous to ensure needs of patients’ presentations that are less acute are met as well as receiving and assessing the stability of direct admissions, which includes Medivac patients on their way to critical or specialized care units within the hospital.

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Emergency and admission procedures for both new and existing patients have been laid down for any medical, psychiatric and surgical emergency, for the initiation of life-saving care procedures in a timely manner. In particular, for all emergency situations the basic procedures for both new and existing patients begins with diagnosis, initiation of treatment, discharge in case of recovery, admission for treatment continuation or monitoring, appropriate referral for specialized care in case of complications, and then follow up services.

The department of emergency medicine uses an electronic information system for the purpose of recording patients’ details when available or await for them afterwards, and transfers them to the relevant intensive care units for surgical and acute medical emergencies since they these services are only offered for a short time in the department prior to the transfer of the patients to appropriate in-patient units.

The system’s main users are the emergency department personnel, and its easy access and security is guaranteed due to its location in the King Khalid University Hospital (KKUH) Building’s ground floor, near the building’s main entrance.

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