The Aging Process in Human Beings

The Aging Process in Human Beings
The Aging Process in Human Beings

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The Aging Process in Human Beings

Journal Entry


There are many theories that attempt to explain the aging process in human beings. They are generally classified as programmed and error prone theories. Both theories attempt to explain the aging process in human beings (Jin, 2010).

Goals and Objectives

The major objectives of this practicum experience are to understand the theoretical components of programmed and error prone theories and identify key components of error prone theories and their application to the aging process. The major goals of this study are to investigate and illustrate error prone theories in people aged more than 60 years and  apply the learnt concepts in error prone theories in identifying diseases that affect old people.

Programmed and non programmed theories have been used to base on induction of apoptotic processes while error prone theories are associated with follows cell failure (Goldsmith, 2013). Wear and  tear, rate of living theory ,cross linking theory and radicals theory are associated with error processes while programmed theories are dependent on programmed longevity, endocrine theory and immunological theory (Goldsmith, 2014).

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            All students conducting the investigation will come up with a design study, which follows all principles including seeking consent from the people being investigated. The design should take into consideration the needs of geriatric patients (Jin, 2010). Consent will also be sought from the university. More emphasis will be placed on using medical records of old patients within health care settings. All students are requested to submit their design for analysis in one month.

            The research will be done in three months depending on the approval of the design of an individual students. Relevant data will be collected during this period and analyzed for the specifics by solely basing on the design.

Information collected will then be analyzed and evaluated independently by students before their results will be presented through a panel of scientists. All information collected by the students will be utilized to come up with exclusive answers on issues relating to the aging process. This process will take about four weeks. The findings will be evaluated for a period of three weeks. This process will also encompass validating research data.

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Goldsmith, T. C. (2014). Aging theories and the zero-sum game. Rejuvenation research, 17(1), 1-2.

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