Teenage Sexual Education Project Paper

Teenage Sexual Education
Teenage Sexual Education

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Teenage Sexual Education

My project is on the provision of sexual education to teenagers. Teenagers that are sexually active are a matter of serious public concern.  In the past years, several school-based programs have been designed for sole aim of holding up the initiation of sexual activity.  Schools can play a central role in offering teenagers with a wide knowledge base that can aid them in molding their healthy lifestyle and coming up with informed decisions about their behavior (Shindel& Parish, 2013).

Detailed sexual education provides accurate information about gender identity, human sexuality, sexual health, reproduction and develops skills for communicating and relating to others in meaningful and satisfying ways. Additionally, it supports one’s ability to make sexual decisions with integrity and respect to other people.

Noddings (2015) reports that equal access to sexual education for teenagers of all cultures, races, gender identities, economic circumstances, and ethnicities are a matter of social justice. Young people who learn how to make respectful and intentional sexual decisions manage leading a healthy and safe lifestyle free from early teenage pregnancies, STIs such as HIV/AIDS, syphilis and gonorrhea as well as lost opportunities and barriers of economy that often follow.  Parents, schools, religious institutions, and community based organizations have a crucial role of providing detailed sex education to young people (Wight & Fullerton, 2013).

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How it relates to the Field

As a health care practitioner, this project of sexual education is central to my practice. We are charged with the responsibility of ensuring that the public engages in activities that do not predispose them to health risks. We have a mandate of ascertaining that high health standards are maintained in the community. It is our duty to enlighten the public on the consequences of certain activities that impair the quality of life of the people and may lead to high mortality rates.

Therefore, provision of sexual education is one way of ensuring that people lead a healthy lifestyle by avoiding STIs and teenage pregnancies. The school is the appropriate environment of offering sexual education since it is often in regular contact with a large percentage of young people, with virtual all teenagers attending it before they engage in risky sexual behavior.

PICOT Question

Population: Teenagers attending public schools in the US. Students that were cognitively handicapped, school dropouts, delinquent, institutionalized, or emotionally disturbed were not considered for this project since they address different needs and characteristics.

Intervention: Sexual education on the importance of abstinence behavior.

Comparison:  The results of this study were compared to those of studies that focused of a group of students in public schools who had not received sexual education

Outcome: The results that were determined include; delay in onset of intercourse, decease in intercourse frequency, and decrease in the number of sexual partners.

Timing:  Evidence was gathered from studies where by the intervention was implemented for a period of one year and results obtained.

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IOWA Model

According to Schaffer et al., 2013, health care providers are encouraged to use updated research evidence to promote better patient outcomes and inform actions, decisions, and patient interactions to deliver quality care to patients. Different models have been developed by scholars to promote the use of EBP in healthcare.

One of these models is the IOWA model. This model is quite crucial in my project since it will serve as a guide on the steps I should follow for successful completion of this project. For instance, it has seven steps that each researcher should follow when conduct a study. These steps are;

  •  Selection of a topic
  • Forming a team
  • Retrieval of evidence
  • Evidence grading
  • Developing an EBP standard
  • Implementing EPB
  • Evaluation

With this model, I will be in a better position to actively read, critique, and grade evidence that will aid in promoting my project of sexual education among young people.


A well designed PICOT question is an essential guide in retrieval of evidence in literature research. The question provides information on the type of population to be considered in the study, the implemented interventions, the control parameter, the outcome as well as the timing of the research.

Adhering to these steps makes a literature research simple even for novice researchers. The formulation of the PICOT question also supports an EBP project since one can select literature on the research topic and use the steps to gather evidence, implement it, and determine the outcomes of the project.


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