Technology in Contemporary Society

Technology in Contemporary Society
Technology in Contemporary Society

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The Role of Technology in Contemporary Society


Question a.2

Kevin (2009) lets us know that technology is sometimes selfish as well as generous. This statement by Kevin Kelly is brought about by the fact that the use of technology can bring about various results. According to Kevin (2009), the various results that a technology gives may be positive or negative depending on what the user was aiming to achieve.

The varied results are usually brought about by the fact that technology may decide to act in a specific manner giving results which are modeled around it thus seeming selfish. On the other hand, technology may give us results that favor us thus ending up being generous.

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Question b.1

The work-life balance refers to the process of handling job and life simultaneously with satisfaction. This concept entails the ability of being able to get it right when it comes to priorities with regard to work and life. The concepts of work-life balance advocates for proper organization of work related tasks and life related affairs so that all objectives may be achieved.

In work and life balance, technology has been able to play a major role. To balance work and life, people have been able to use technology to stand in for them where they are required to do something related to work but family is the priority at a given point in time and vise verse. It is worth noting that it is a valid and important concept.

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Question c.1

Technology is playing a major role in changing the way children think. According to Taylor (2012), children are being affected by technology positively and negatively. Technology is been seen as a great influence of how the thinking of children develop. Taylor (2012) points out that the attentiveness; decisiveness and remembrance of children are often affected by technology. According to Taylor (2012), the manner and the level of technology use by children determines the effects caused to the thinking system of children.

Question d.2

The copyright laws are extremely important because they control and protect intellectual properties of people. The copyright laws are important because they encourage people to be innovative. With proper laws protecting innovative products of people, it will be encouraging for many to innovate since they would be protected too.  Additionally, the copyright laws are important because they ensure that there is fair play in a given industry. The fairness is brought about by the fact that only original products borne from original ideas will be availed at all times.

Competition becomes fair since copying is made illegal. Another importance of copyright laws is that they give a clear guidance of the way enforcing should be done. This is because the copyright laws provide direction regarding the prosecution of an offender. I agree that the copyright laws are important. This is because with fairness in competition, encouragement of innovation and enforcement made possible by these laws, the world becomes a better place.

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Question e.2

Digital divide refers to the situation whereby there are challenges in finding and using information technology. The digital divide may be brought about by the lack of the information and communication technology devices or lack of the required skills. Having seen good progress in the entrance of technology in many parts of the world, the digital divide is taking a new perspective with focus being put on how much of devices and skills people have. The digital divide is important to social scientists because it gives them an opportunity to study and come up with solutions for bridging the digital gap.

Question f.1

One of the aspects of stem cell technology is that it has a broad use of embryonic cells. This has been able to court controversy from the fact that it has unethical approach. The use of fetus from terminated pregnancies is quite controversial. Secondly, the stem cell technology is known to use healthy cells for transplant. This aspect of this technology has been seen to be the cause of some mysterious disappearances of individuals to be the target of cell harvesting.

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Question g.1

The European enlightenment refers to the transition of the European society from old way of doing things to an approach which has voice of reason (Gillispie, 2013). The European enlightenment period refers to the duration when the European region was meeting the modern way of doing things.

Technology is one aspect of the world that was impacted positively by the European enlightenment. The enlightenment brought about new ideas regarding technology. Additionally, technology oriented research was also carried out thus giving technology an opportunity to grow.

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Question 1

The United States Office of Technological Assessment was mandated to handle matters touching on new technology and its impact for the purpose of facilitating congress in policy making. OTA was structured to give the congress an opportunity to obtain and understand technology related information in advance, holding a non-partisan position.

According to Rodmeyer (2005), OTA was dismantled following accusations that it was not necessary because it allegedly repeated functions of other business agencies. Rodemeyer does not approve the dismantling of the Office of Technological Assessment. His disapproval is brought about by his opinion that the congress lacks technological knowhow and OTA was offering reports without bias. According to Rodemeyer (2005), technological assessment has a dilemma based on independence of the officers.

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Question 2

Gordon (2013) argues that the economy of America is slowing down. According to Gordon (2013), the reasons causing the slow growth of the American economy include;

  • Increasing inequality- The lack of equity experienced by the American population has led to poor economic cooperation thus slowing down the economy.
  • Dull education system-The American education system has not been able to produce competent citizens.
  • High levels of indebtedness of learners- The people in college have found themselves caught up in so much debt which they have to pay immediately they secure their jobs thus slowing their investment options.
  • High number of old people- The working American population is growing older day by day thus becoming less productive. This is being made worse by the fact that the education system is not producing productive people as before.

Poor education system has failed to push technology to higher levels, something which has ended p contributing negatively to the economic growth.

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Question 3

The argument that transformation from hunter-gatherer life to agriculture was the worst mistake in life is brought about by various arguments. The arguments in support of the hunter-gatherer life are that there was more leisure time, more sleep and less time for searching for something to eat. Additionally, the hunters and gatherers are argued to have enjoyed good diet emanating from the mixture of wild meat and fruits.

Question 4

In life, there are various forms of capital. These include social capital, human capital and cultural capital. Human capital refers to having the right people for a given task. It entails putting in place people of high competence levels. On the other hand, social capital refers to the individuals within a person’s social circle. Social capital is usually concerned with the input brought about by those within a social circle. Cultural capital refers to aspects of life that place individuals at the top of the social classes in the society. It entails having high levels of knowledge and skills among other attributes.

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Question 5

 Robinson (2010) says that there is need to have a radical approach to education.  Robinson (2010) argues that the thinking in education should have diversity. The diversity should be aimed at letting learners program their education towards having multi-solutions for a problem. Secondly, Robinson (2010) states that education should be planned in a way that supports industrial productivity.

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