Symbolic Interactionism Essay Paper

Symbolic Interactionism
Symbolic Interactionism

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Symbolic Interactionism

Without doubt, the households and properties would be so valuable to the stakeholders in symbolic interactionism. One of the most important things is ensuring that the roads are constructed well so that people can be able to commute to different places. It would be necessary for those living in low places where water might flood to vacate but if they fail to do so, they might be forced to so as to save lives.

Properties such as vehicles should be parked on higher grounds and one should never drive through a flooded bridge. For the people to take an appropriate and quick action, it would be important to communicate about the dangers flood can pose including destroying crops, killing, and carrying away houses and vehicles. Communication would be through showing them pictures and videos of other places that were affected, and the tone used should be a serious one (Jary & Jary, 2006).

Disasters cause a lot of suffering to mainly the poor and at risk individuals. For example, during a tornado, people suffer psychologically, others die, are displaced, lose property, and get injuries among others. However, disasters make the stakeholders to collaborate, act, and think of long-term solutions.

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            Structuralism argues that all things are made of components through which they can be studies (Jary & Jary, 2006). It relates to emergency management in that during an operation, all the systems or components present have to be considered for effectiveness. In the same way, all the stakeholders should do their part if there is to be success. Definitely, structuralism has a big role in public safety.

Communication theories and risk perception are related to emergency management in that different mode of communication should be used for success and people are likely to respond to risk based on how the perceive it. For example, sign language might be used during an emergency if the person being communicated to cannot hear what is being said.

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            Basically, the post discusses more about communication theory. It has been highlighted that lack of proper communication during an emergency results to deaths. Therefore, for preparedness, stakeholders should ensure that there are adequate and proper plans including phones and preset messages.


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