Structure of academic writing

Structure of academic writing
Structure of academic writing

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Structure of academic writing

Writing an academic essay can be an uphill battle particularly when you are not sure where to begin. Thankfully, once you learn the structure of academic writing it might make it easier to write your paper. Also, a good structure can be applied to almost any kind of academic writing, including advanced thesis writing.

It is worth noting that a successful academic paper requires a lot more than just structure. For instance, a good essay topic is important. Also, how you organize your content and the research you put in is equally important. Finally, do not hesitate to rewrite and edit your draft until your essay is perfect.

Now, we will explain the basic structure of academic writing and how you can apply it to your essay.

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Understanding the structure of academic writing

Regardless of the nature of your academic paper, there is a basic structure of academic writing. The accepted way to structure your paper means that it should have the following:

  1. an introduction,
  2. a body, and
  3. a conclusion

Now, this structure is relevant whether you are writing a simple admission application essay or a postgraduate thesis.

Tips for Writing Your Essay Introduction

Your introduction is an essential part of your essay because it sets the tone for the rest of the paper. It also tells the reader what to expect from the academic paper as a whole. Therefore, you need to place careful thought into the crafting of your essay. Below are a few tips to help with writing your essay introduction.

Build context for your essay

Firstly, build context. One of the most common and successful ways of building context for your essay is through storytelling. Basically, you want to give the reader a brief background about the subject matter. This helps the reader to understand the context of the essay.

Include some facts and figures

Secondly, include facts and figures. Facts are a great way to get attention because they give your subject matter a more solid form. Without facts, your proposition may remain vague in the mind of the readers.

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Define key concepts

Thirdly, define key terms. The introductory section is where you can offer key definitions of terms used in your paper. This helps the reader to better understand the context in which you use certain words and terms.

State the aim of the essay

Fourthly, describe the purpose of the essay. You can do this by talking about the structure of the essay and stating what it is about. Your essay could be to prove, analyze, describe or compare. Explaining the purpose to readers helps them to know what to expect.

State the thesis statement

Finally, it is very important to firmly state the thesis statement in the introductory section. This serves as an introduction to the paper.

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Tips for Writing the Body of your Essay

Think of the body of your essay as the meat of the academic paper. This is an important part of the structure of academic writing. Here are a few tips to guide you.

Understand the type of essay

It is important to note that there are different types of essays. An essay could be argumentative, analytical, critical, descriptive, or a blend of all four types. Once you understand the type of academic paper you are working on, it will help you to structure your paragraphs.

Write in paragraphs

Subsequently, the body of the essay will be in the form of paragraphs. It is important to remember to break up your writing into paragraphs. This makes for easier reading.

Each paragraph should contain a single idea

Again, it is worth mentioning that each paragraph should contain a single idea. It is not good form to mix several ideas in a single paragraph and could lead to confusion.

Use topic sentences

Topic sentences are a great way to help you organize your thoughts as well as the idea for the paragraph. Thus, you are advised to begin your paragraphs with a topic sentence.

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The Conclusion

This is the final part of your paper and is used to present a powerful argument for your thesis statement. Write your conclusion by:

– Stating the thesis statement again

– Reviewing the main topics

– Summarizing the main points

– Concluding your argument

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