Street Food Asia: Dehli, India Movie Review

Street Food Asia: Dehli, India
Street Food Asia: Dehli, India

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Street Food Asia: Dehli, India Movie Review

INSTRUCTIONS: Street Food Asia: Dehli, India

Please answer the following questions, in detail and in your own words, after viewing the film:

1. What was your overall impression of the Street Food Asia: Dehli, India film? Do you think it does a good job of highlighting and honoring the food culture of Delhi? Do you have a favorite scene?

2. Explain in detail what chaat is, as described in the scene starting at around 03:32. What is it that Dalchand Kashyap does to make his chaat so special? In the following scene, Dalchand references advice that his father gave him about making chaat while he goes to the local market. This is the key to Dalchand’s success. Tell me what it is in detail.

3. In the scene starting at 07:00, the commentator Rana states that “street food is so popular in Delhi because it started as a necessity”. What does she mean by this statement? Please explain the context in detail, also referencing the previous scene at 03:10, where Rana states that “many people depend on street food for their meals”. Why is this? Who are the people that first depended on street food for their meals, and how has street food changed today, according to Rana?

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4. In the scene beginning at 07:32, a popular dish called Nihari Stew is highlighted. Please describe the dish in detail and explain a little bit about the original language the word nihari comes from and what it means? What does the meaning of the word have to do with the preparation of the dish? What are the ingredients of the dish, and how is it made?

5. Beginning at scene 11:59, what happened in the year 1857 that was so significant, impacting the street food scene of Delhi? What does this historical event have to do with Seekh Kebabs? Tell me about the history and context behind this dish and how it became such a popular street food in Delhi.

6. What is the dish Chole Bhature, as referenced beginning at scene 19:40? What are the ingredients and what is the cultural significance/historical background of this dish? Please give details, also using the previous scene, from 18:33 to help explain the cultural background and context.

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