Sports Medicine Practices: Reflective Essay

Sports Medicine
Sports Medicine

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Sports Medicine Practices: Reflective Essay

 In this exercise, I had an opportunity to observe sports medicine practices at the clinic. Watching the Professor deliver various treatment services to athletes was an informative experience.  This facilitated the transition of knowledge gained in class into practice.  A basketball player had come to the clinic for her follow up clinical measures. The patient had suffered from knee injury during a tournament and had undergone surgical process three weeks ago.

According to the Professor, her condition had improved and needed therapeutic exercise to improve function and performance. During this exercise, the Professor was tapping muscle to recruit muscle with isometric exercises. This was interesting and it gave me the desire to explore and learn more about isometric exercises.

 The athlete was made to practice the following exercises; in prone position and sandbag on the athlete ankle, she was asked to move her body up and down for five minutes.  In supine position, she was asked to move up and down with her legs straight for five minutes.

The athlete was also made to balance using one leg. I think these activities are neuromuscular re-education aimed at ensuring that her gait and posture is improved. All this time, I was reflecting on muscle actions as taught in class, which helped me understand better  the importance of  evaluating the level and strength  of therapeutic exercise based on the athlete’s needs.

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The professor asked the athlete to have brace on her ankle throughout. This is important because there are many unexpected situations and her injured knee needs to be protected. I also observed many other athletes in taking therapeutic exercises in the clinic. One practice I observed is that after every training session, they did some stretching to relax the muscles so as to prevent injuries and to reduce soreness. Other preventive measures they used included TENS, hot pack, ice pack, and whirlpool. This was a great experience as I got to observe how these techniques worked practically.

 This was a great opportunity to learn the responsibilities and practices in the sports medicine clinic.  I realized that treating people is not easy task as perceived theoretically in sports medicine publications.  There are many decision making processes that requires one to be adequately informed in sports medicine practices. I will continue studying hard to acquire adequate knowledge. This will ensure that I apply appropriate treatment measures that are patient centered in the future. I am grateful to the Professor for giving this opportunity.

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