Sports, Culture, and the society

Sports, Culture, and the society
Sports, Culture, and the society

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Sports, Culture, and the society

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1. In the article, “Sports Are More than Reflections of Society,” the author, Jay Coakley writes, “people can change sports or keep them the way they are. In fact, it is even possible for people to create and define sports in ways that differ from or even defy dominant ideas and norms and, in the process, to turn sports into sites for the transformation of the very culture of which they are a part.” Using examples from the reading and your research, discuss how people create and define sports and how sports have transformed culture.

2. In this course we have discussed and observed the impact of various factors, such as racism, politics, the economy, and urban decline on sports in various settings from the 1960s to the 1990s. Discuss one social factor that you believe has had the most significant impact on sports in the last four decades. 

Requirements: This assignment has a minimum 2000 word requirement and maximum of five pages (3000 words). You will be expected to incorporate references from the readings in class. Direct quotes are not required but you must use the correct titles and author names.

The goal here is to demonstrate what you have learned during the course of the semester, as well as your ability to critically analyze a subject that is familiar to all of us. 

Sports, Culture, and the society

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Sports, Culture, and the society

            There exists an intricate balance between culture, sports, and the society. These three possess an interesting relationship where each has significant influence in the development of the other two. Their interaction and interoperability, however, is an issue of concern and one that raises a lot of discussion and opinions (Coakley). This section develops a discussion into several publications regarding the interaction and interdependence between culture, sports, and the society.

How people define and create sports

            Sports are a creation of human kind. It is through various stages and levels of interaction that the creation and definition of sports occurs. The nature, rules and various social conditions within a particular society are instrumental in the creation of various types of sports (Coakley 36 – 38). Examples of such interaction between people, natural phenomenon, and social conditions include the development and growth of arena sports in ancient Greece, the spread of various types of sports as a result of colonization, and the customization and change of rules in certain sports to fit into the needs of a particular society.

The development of various types of sports in West Indies such as soccer and cricket resulted from their previous colonial masters from Britain. India, on the other hand, has developed as a cricket powerhouse rivaling and even defeating their masters due to customization of the sport to fit societal needs.

            The transformation of sports into a societal norm involves the interaction between various factors over a long period. Author Jay Coakley uses the analogy of a family unit as it develops over time, its interaction with society, the various underlying factors that determine the structure, rules, and interaction of the family, and how the family is a reflection of the greater society.

The creation and sustenance of the family unit is dependent on following a number of set rules, and the interaction of various stakeholders in an environment dictated by beliefs of how the various members should relate to one another (Coakley 35 – 36 ). In a similar way, the creation of sports is dependent on a set of rules and the interaction of different stakeholders who possess different abilities and characteristics for a common purpose.

            In the same way that a family creates and defines their own set of rules that they live by, different sporting activities also apply different rules. In addition, the same sport may also have different rules depending on the context and location. This is what makes both families and sports activities unique, despite the many similarities and differences (Coakley 35). A family unit is not considered as being exclusive in any given society.

The same applies for the case of any single type of sports activity. One cannot use a single family as a representation of all the rest, and neither is it usable as a representation of the culture in the society. In the same manner, one cannot use sports as a reflection of the society, nor as a way to determine the general destination of the society.

Sports, Culture, and the society

How sports activities have transformed culture

            In continuing to analyze Jay Coakley’s analogy of a family unit, its relation to sports and culture is evident. The author determines that the different approaches of the organization of the family unit adopted by various kin provide a scenario of where debates regarding various opinions of the organization of family life. These discussions point to larger concerns about the cultures of organization philosophies adopted by various cultures. In this way, therefore, discussions about the organizational characteristics of the family leads to questions about the organization and the culture of the society (Coakley 36 ).

Making deductions from the family, sports, and societal relationship analogy presented by Jay Coakley, the organization metrics used in sports lead to questions about the efficiency of the approaches used in the organization of the society as well. By observing such differences and looking into various inefficiencies in the organization of the society, a number of changes have occurred over time in terms of how the society operates…..

Sports, Culture, and the society

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