Soybean Farming and Grazing in Brasil

Soybean Farming and Grazing in Brasil
Soybean Farming and Grazing in Brasil

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Benefit and Cost of Expansion of Soybean Farming and Grazing in Brasil

The dual process of mixed farming that the Brasilians are shifting towards in the expansion of their soybean farming and grazing is bound to promote economic growth and provide better living conditions for citizens. Expanding soy field will boost soil fertility and offer the animal alternative protein feeds and animal manure used for the soy plants. This helps reduce soil infertility and use of chemical fertilizer that would have severe consequences for environment pollution (Merten & Minella, 2013).

Expansion of soy farming could also be beneficial in attaining environmental sustainability by controlling hydrological regime, soil erosion, and biodiversity in the region. However, increased expansion is bound to impact the environment in a significant manner through deforestation as well as pollution from soy processing industries.

Weighing benefit and cost of changes

The local Brasilians will benefit through attaining sustainable alternative to manure, which helps boost soil fertility. They will use organic systems of farming to control issues like soil infertility and ecological sustainability. The Brasilians will also have a cheaper alternative method of controlling soil erosion like the use of cover crops. The use of organic fertilizer will subsidize the cost of chemical fertilizer boosting soil composition and hydrological circulation in the region.

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Advise to the Brasilians as US Ambassador

In order to adopt a sustainable environment and economy, it is advisable for the Brasilians to use eco-friendly farming and grazing practices. They should increase their soil covers, adopt soil conservation programs and promote water quality. They should invest in sustainable practices such as building of greenhouses in their farms and practice modern farming techniques to avoid soil erosion and land degradation.

It would also be appropriate if they practiced mixed farming by applying the organic method of farming such as using manure instead of importing fertilizer and feeding their animals with natural protein from legumes rather than buying animals feed. This will be effective in sustain cost of production and environment conservation by the farmer and the country.


Merten, G. H. & Minella, J.P.G. (2013). The Expansion of Brazilian Agriculture: Soil Erosion Scenarios, International Soil and Water Conservation Research. 1(3), 37-48 doi:10.1016/S2095-6339(15)30029-0 retrieved from <>

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