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Social Engagement
Social Engagement

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Social Engagement


Hi Sonny, I do concur with you that indeed, mobile gadgets are shifting social engagement, the manner in which organizations and businesses conduct their marketing. I support the fact that apps such as Instagram have become a driving force in how companies conduct their marketing.

Such as you have stated is backed by the fact that these apps have enhanced brand recognition through making sure that potential customers are informed of goods or services provided by various companies or businesses in an instant and a convenient manner. Therefore, through your informative blog, it is clear that indeed, mobile has become a significant factor in the field of marketing.


Social engagement is one of the driving forces in marketing today. Through this, companies and other businesses put themselves in a position where they can directly engage with their already existing and potential customers.  Mobile phones and other internet-enabled gadgets such as tablets and personal computers have further heightened social engagement. As a marketer, am always drawn to the fact that marketing is a revolutionizing industry.

One of the aspects that I acknowledge is that for any company to survive, there must be marketing.  Technology has played a significant role in pushing for changes in the way that companies do their marketing. A vital lesson that I have learned is that mobile has become one of the major platforms for marketing of goods and products. As a millennial who owns a mobile phone and laptop, I have come to learn that most companies have not been left behind in adopting this strategy.

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Through reading the blog post by Sonny on how mobile has shifted the way in which companies carry out marketing, I am now more aware and knowledgeable of how companies have adopted apps as marketing platforms. Apps such as Instagram and Facebook have played a significant role in driving this aspect. One of the factors driving adoption of these platforms is that these apps have a large number of subscribers or users who frequent them.

One of the exciting things that I have read in Sonny’s blog post and one that I did not know is that there are categories of apps. Such as indicated include quick-timer and slow timer apps. This has opened up my mind on which applications are most appropriate in which situation. Without such knowledge, I believe that a marketer would be doing his or her job blindly and may not receive the best or anticipated results in social engagement primarily through the use of mobile apps.

In conclusion, I believe that the marketing industry is set for a time when the central and significant marketing will be mobile-oriented. For most companies, this is a reality that has not yet hit home since they are still stuck at majorly using traditional means such as television and billboards. With enough research and implementation, mobile marketing will prove to be beneficial to companies which intend to remain relevant and in business.

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