Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys

Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys
Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys

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Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys

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Respond to this prompt: 
Skateboarding is frequently defined as ‘alternative’ lifestyle/culture,rather than a sport. Why is it characterized this way? What qualities define the alternative lifestyle? What commonalities does skateboarding share with other so-called an alternative cultures? Is this definition accurate, why or why not?

6 sources: – Film: Dogtown and Z-Boys- 3 sources will be attached through files-

(These source you will need to type in the title)
— Conflict, Exclusion, Relocation: Skateboarding and Public Space.

— The Accidental Youth Club: Skateboarding in Newcastle-Gateshead.
P.S – When citing please use “QUOTATION MARK” 

Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys

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Skateboarding in Dogtown and Z-Boys

Skateboarding is considered as n identity to those in love with the art. It is considered as a form of expression, culture or art by the older generation as it does not conform to the abstract definitions associated with sports. These include the rules that are to be adhered to during training as well as the organisation of major competitions. In the sporting world, there are major competitive events such as the world cup for football and their enthusiast and world cup for the field and track events.

These competitive occasions are used in the ranking of both players and states. However, for skateboarding, it is s new sport that has most of its enthusiasts as youths and hence the lack of interest in the older generation. It also does not have a set of rules on how to dress during the sporting events and neither does it have the need for referees and other umpires to oversee the conduct of the same. The freestyle nature of skateboarding has left the aspects of the same to be considered as a culture and art as opposed to a sport.

Skateboarding: an alternative culture or sport

The notion of competitiveness is synonymous with any type of sports. This is coupled with a given set of rules as to the conduct and dressing of the participants. It also has the referees, coaches and other umpires who oversee the conduct of the players during the sporting events. This concept of rules and strict adherence to the same is lacking in skateboarding. The aspect of freedom synonymous with each of the skateboarder’s ability and style has made skateboarding to be referred to as a free activity that allows the participants the freedom to experiment and hence come up with new styles (Beal and Weidman, 339).

The competitiveness in the main stream sporting events makes it hard for everyone to participate as only those who emerge the best during the selective process are allowed to take part and hence lock out many who are talented and eager to showcase their respective abilities out.

Skateboarding and sports have several similarities. They bring people together in the spirit of sharing a good time as well as being an avenue of expression where the participants find a haven away from their lives (Eitzen, 13). In Dogtown and Z-Boys, skateboarding was depicted as an activity where most participants came from broken homes and hence instead of engaging in other antisocial behavior, took up skateboarding to show their talents, making a living out of it eventually.  These similarities of being sources of livelihoods for the participants as well as provide entertainment for the audience bring semblance between sports and skateboarding. They are also used as social events as people gather to watch and applaud the participants (Donnely, 45).

Skateboarding is however considered more as an alternative culture as opposed to a sport because of the freestyle nature of skateboarding. This is also due to the lack of a designed set of rules with regards to the conduct and dressing of the participants. The lack of a designated field to partake the skateboarding activities also contributes to the categorization of skateboarding as an alternative culture.

The use of streets as well as backyards and drained swimming pools make the act of skateboarding look more like a nuisance to the rest of the community instead of a meaningful activity (Nemeth, 300). In Dogtown and Z-boys the knocking down of innocent pedestrians going about their business and subsequently hurting them by skateboarders in their routine caused the activity to be looked at with disdain. This is in addition to the skateboarders aping the styles from other sporting activities such as surfing in the perfection of their routines…..

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