Significance of a Metaparadigm


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The nursing metaparadigm is defined as the sole source of the development of many nursing concepts. Ideally, many of the conceptual models in nursing seem to have developed from the meta-paradigm of nursing. These theoretical models are defined as a given set of statements and concepts that eventually integrate the concepts into an exact configuration (Meleis, 2011). In other words, a meta-paradigm is considered as the most conventional or global perspective of a discipline and acts as a framework in which the most important structures are developed. The nursing meta-paradigm involves the following concepts; nursing, person, environment and health (Meleis, 2011).

The four concepts integrate to give an exact configuration. As such, a person is therefore defined as the primary recipient of nursing care. The nursing concept comes in to manage or alter the external environment to successfully implement the natural law of health. The environment is defined as the internal or external factors that affect the surroundings in which the patient exists (Fawcett et al., 2012). This includes factors like food, medication, water, ventilation, bedding and temperature. Health is defined as having harmony, comfort and peace. The significance of the concepts is their integration in ensuring that there is a satisfactory outcome from the exact configuration that ensues from the integration of the central concepts of the nursing meta-paradigm.

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In conclusion, the nursing meta-paradigm gives a significant association between different crucial notions of the fundamental conceptual models related to nursing and health care. Essentially, in understanding how the meta-paradigm works ensures that the provision of nursing care becomes a fully understood process. The reason being that the concepts are fully understood thus the specific components involved in the process of patient recovery are integrated into a given configuration that will ensure successful healing process.


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