Self-Management of Self-Credibility as a Speaker

Self-Credibility as a Speaker
Self-Credibility as a Speaker

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Self-Management of Self-Credibility as a Speaker

Being confident with one’s own capacity is a very important aspect of good communication. Ethos is a vital feature of communicative persuasion; listeners would only believe a speaker if the speaker believes himself/herself. Speakers can enhance their credibility by beginning to justify their position as qualified individuals, who are qualified to speak on the particular subject. Self-Credibility as a Speaker is an important aspect.

In case of communicative persuasion, pathos, that is appeal to listeners’ emotions will only follow if ethos is properly exerted. And logos, or logical mode of persuasion is only possible when listeners believe that the speaker is indeed qualified to know, scrutinize or present the logic.

Speakers can adopt several methods to relax themselves physically and psychologically so their minds and mouths can perform well in the meantime. Systematic desensitization refers to reduction of nervousness by reducing to think about the ultimate performance or results and instead, by just relaxing. (Wood 2013).

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Cognitive restructuring is another mode of adhering oneself to possible speaking situations that may arise, so that the speaker can boost his/her confidence in the ability to tackle sudden situations without getting shocked.  Imagined positive speaking or visualization of positive communicative circumstances is a good too reduce speaking anxiety.

A good speaker is one who has manifested these qualities within himself/herself. When someone is speaking and the other is listening, the mentality of the speaker is to be reflected in the listener’s progressive thoughts and this string can only be developed if the speaker is positive about himself/herself. Hence, it is essential that a speaker polishes his/her qualified position (eligibility to speak) within his/her speech to enhance credibility and relax himself,/herself to continue with a smooth flow of speech in which the audience exerts faith.


Wood, J. T. (2013). Communication mosaics: A new introduction to the field of communication (7th ed). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Pub. Print.

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