Responding to the Setting for Communication Essay

Responding to the Setting for Communication
Responding to the Setting for Communication

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Responding to the Setting for Communication

Order Instructions:

In this week, write a paper that identifies culturally specific communication practices appropriate for your specific workplace. Provide underlying assumptions about the context as noting in the reading for this week. Do NOT use “I”, “my” in reference to yourself or your workplace, use scholarly writing.

Include the following in your paper:

  • Assess the context for informality vs. formality.
  • Explore assertiveness and interpersonal harmony.

Length: 5-7 pages not including title and reference pages.

References: minimum of 6 scholarly resources.

Required Resources:

  • Intercultural organizational communication: The social organizing of interaction in international encounters.DOI: 10.1177/0021943611406500
  • Samovar, L. A., Porter, R. E., & McDaniel, E. R. (2013). Communication between cultures 8th ed. Independence, KY Wadsworth.Read Chapter 10

Responding to the Setting for Communication

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Responding to the Setting for Communication


The globalization of nearly every aspect of our lives has led to increased interactions between people from different backgrounds. This creates a challenge in that the way one is required to relate to others who hail from different cultural settings. The way one is required to address and act around their peers, elders as well as the younger ones in any given society is engrained in them to the extent that it forms the personality of that particular person.

However, when one meets people from different backgrounds, whether culturally different or from a different setting altogether, the rules of engagement change. This is because of the differential ways that others engage with people who differ from them in terms of gender, social stratification, age and status in the society. This has brought new dynamics in the way people interact with one another in both either a social setting or a business setting.

When it comes to communication, the passing across of the intended message is important. This can however be done by responding to the particular setting one is in as any mistake in the same could have detrimental consequences (Samovar, Porter and McDaniel, 2013). It is therefore prudent that some unwritten rules be observed when establishing communication lines between people of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Intercultural communication in different settings

Diversity that characterizes the human race is one that has borne various practices due to the cultural differences present. These practices affect the way we relate to one another and can either make or break a particular transaction. These differences range from language differences to the way we address one another on the basis of gender, age, social status and the relationship between the conversants. These communicative rules are both verbal and non verbal and they vary with the contextual setting of the people.

In an informal meeting, the understanding of the cultural backgrounds and the important aspects that govern interaction between individuals is important.  This is because it governs the way the one is supposed to carry out themselves, from meeting and greeting to the sustenance of the meeting. This is determined by the dressing, the contact and mode of greetings and the choice of words. The effectiveness in any communication technique between people of diverse cultures is heavily guided by the understanding of the respective cultures of the different participants of that meeting.

Despite the informality of the meeting, the sustenance of the relationship between the people is important and hence the prudence in recognizing the importance that culture and the understanding of the same has in building relationships (Samovar et al, 2014). Such meetings occur in the context such as weddings, graduation parties and other settings where there are no strict codes of interaction. However, despite the casual attitudes that characterize these meetings the importance of respecting and observing the cultural differences cannot be overlooked.

The address of people in a certain way can also be viewed as formal or otherwise. The difference in culture between the North Americans, and generally the liberals and the other more conservative cultures such as the Asians has been seen to create a misunderstanding. This is because of the aspect of respect that is attached to the formal aspect of relating to others. The informal way that has been adopted by most Americans in handling issues has been a hindrance in international business since the attitude is more often regarded as disrespectful (Lauring, 2011).

When conducting business meetings, it is often required that the manner of handling commercial and other related transactions be done with a certain level of formality. This attitude is normally translated to most work places. A certain level of discomfort has been reported by immigrant workers from mostly conservative nations such as the Philippines in America on their relationship with their American counterparts’ casual attitudes at their work places. There has also been a challenge in dealing with the people from the Far East in business settings because of their perspective of normal business behavior.

These barriers have brought misunderstandings in the way the different multinational corporations conduct their businesses (Chitakornkijsil, 2010). In an effort to narrow the gap that affects the conduct of business in these multinational corporations, it is important that these cultural differences be understood and a way forward chartered. This can only be done with the understanding of the cultures that are identified as appropriate in each society because of the globalization wave that has made the world a village.

In a nutshell, the aspect of formality and informality varies from one place and culture to another.  These differences however have a huge impact on the relationships that are formed as the way one carries themselves matter a lot in the sustenance of the relation, be it business or otherwise…..

Responding to the Setting for Communication

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