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Research Protocol
Research Protocol

Research Protocol

It is paramount to ensure that any research conducted follows the protocol and right procedures to ensure it is completed and implemented in the most efficient manner. The inclusion of the literature review in the research protocol is important since its one of the essential elements that make any research to be quality in nature. The literature review would efficiently cover research done previously which relates to the topic and issue of interest thus providing a platform for basing the current research (Snelson, 2016, p.g 64).

Through the literature review, an assessment of the existing research in a given topic would be possible thus also having extensive information about the findings. The literature review would ensure the researcher makes discoveries on the new angles or areas requiring further exploration which is only made possible through reviewing. Determination of the previously used methodologies is actualized through the inclusion of literature review in the research protocol thus providing a basis for learning about the previous approaches and how to improve on the same to ensure efficiency during the whole process.

Every new research done should eliminate the potential weaknesses identified in previous studies. The inclusion of the literature review in the research protocol would help one learn more about the weaknesses and strengths thus providing knowledge on how to handle the previously encountered shortcomings (Ward, 2016, p.g 71). There is a relationship between all parts of research with the literature review which makes it integral to nature.

However, the literature review should be conducted in a comprehensive manner to reveal its importance in a research study. A literature review that is comprehensive in nature ends up providing up-to-date understanding of the research subjects and the significance it has to the current practice been adopted (Snelson, 2016, p.g 103). In this case, any research protocol should contain the literature review element due to the many benefits it has to any study.

The research procedures should adhere to various requirements which make it a successful study. The necessity to link the research questions and research methodology since essential since it adds to the quality of any research conducted. Linking the research questions with the design of the method adopted is vital since the questions are shaped by the research methods (Amankwaa, 2016, p.g 82).

The quality of any research is improved whenever the appropriate design or research method is adopted in answering the various research questions. Failure to align could lead to the fundamental undermining of the quality of the research. Purpose and quality are identified as crucial elements and utility in any research process conducted.

Linking and effective aligning of the research questions with the research methods offers the vital opportunity to shape up and ensure the purpose is properly identified with checks on quality (Bailis et al, 2016, p.g 94). Such cases make it essential to match the research questions with the research methods.

Answering the research questions of a given study can be cumbersome in nature thus requiring the best design to make this possible. The design and research methods adopted in a study would determine the extent and the success in handling such overarching questions.

Such reasons reveal the importance of linking the research methods and the research questions. According to the previous research studies done before it has been proved that the whole foundation of the research process is underpinned by the research question and research methods used (Amankwaa, 2016, p.g 91). In this case, the relationship between the two and the quality they add to the research process necessitates their linkage.

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