Renewable and Non-renewable energy Sources

Renewable and Non-renewable energy
Renewable and Non-renewable energy

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Renewable and Non-renewable energy Sources

The nine major energy resources available in this nation are categorised into two main categories, renewable and non-renewable energy categories. The non-renewable categories include coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear energy. These resources are limited as they take a longer time before they become replenished. Renewable energy is abundant, cleaner as they have low carbon emissions but production of energy from these resources is quite expensive.

They include solar, water, biomass, geothermal and wind. Renewable sources was the man source of energy in the past e.g. wood was used for heating and cooking, water and wind was used for milling and transportation purposes. A hundred and fifty years later, a technology used to extract energy from fossil was discovered; which rapidly replaced the renewable sources of energy (Pérez-Barahona, 2010).

In my community, large portion of energy is fossil fuels. It is the largest primary energy consumption, which is followed by coal, natural gas and renewable energy. This is attributable to the fact that fossil energy is cheap and easy to use.

However, the main concern is that these energy resources are becoming depleted; and the prices are soaring at an alarming rate. Additionally, our endangered resources are being damaged to in search of more non-renewable energy resources. The rates at which these resources are being utilized have caused detrimental effects in our environment. In fact, non-renewable toxic gases released in the air are the main cause for global warming (, 2016).

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There is need to seek for alternative sources of energy to save the environment for the future generation. There is need to source for sustainable, clean and renewable sources of energy.  The government must establish strategies that will help shift towards efficient renewable energies that will help stabilize our climate while simultaneously meeting the Nation’s power demands.  I believe that we have the power, knowledge and the capacity to make great strides in renewable energy and to conserve our planet (Pérez-Barahona, 2010).

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