Recruitment and Planning

Recruitment and Planning
Recruitment and Planning

Recruitment and Planning in Health care

In health and social care, recruitment and planning refers to a process that deals with identifying appropriate individual to help in the organization’s care needs. Recruitment and planning in these settings need better staffing which is achieved through filtering strategies. Planning should also include retention strategies. The first factor to consider is the overall aim of the recruitment exercises in relation to the organizational goals and objectives (Redman, 2013, p 16).

On the same note, an organization should also consider availability of potential workers who meet the job requirement. The management can consider recruiting from employees who are already in the organization or from potential employees who reside in the area. If such employees with the required job requirements are not available, then management must consider the cost that they may incur in training individuals to meet the required standards or providing incentives to motivate potential employees relocate  from other areas.

On the same note, an organization should consider the strategies required to attract the right potential employees to work in the organization (Espinilla et al., 2013, p 222.). For instance, the organization may consider using the internet to advertise in order to reach the potential employees.

The issue of the cost of recruitment and financial implications are important factors, training and career progression strategies need to be part of planning and recruitment process. Other factors to be considered during recruitment and planning include applicant’s practical knowledge and skills and the general behavior rating and attitude .Qualification and the experience are important factors in this sector.

There is the need to consider internal recruitment process as a motivation, and a retention strategy which is a common feature in Human resource policies in health and social care settings. Failure to identify the right candidate advertising is the best option a candidate can be identified. The organization can use several advertising approaches including the internet, jobs centers, and newspapers (Gale, et al, 2010, p 609) Recruiting agencies is one avenue of attracting suitably skilled workers.

Task 1.2

Nations across the globe have implemented their own legislative and policy requirements that are likely to influence the identification, recruitment and employment process. It is important for an organization to pursue the set legislations. For instance, in many European countries, government regulations emphasize on equal rights and opportunities for everyone despite the individual religion, gender, race and ethnic background.

Some of the main legislations that guide the process of recruitment and employment include; the discrimination Act of 1975, the race relation Act of 1976, employment policy and legislation employment relation Act of 2004 and Employment Act of 2008 (Department of Work and Pensions, 2013, p. 5).

The sex discrimination act of 1975 protects individuals from being sexually harassed or wrongful dismissal due to protected characteristics. The law also protects potential candidates from discrimination of employment opportunities, rejection and refusing promotion or being given antagonistic working conditions due to protected characteristics.  In most organization discrimination takes place when procedures, policies and practices do not favor those who share specific protected characteristics (Townley, 2014, p. 92).

Some of the protected characteristics recognized by law include age, disability that is unfair treatment of a disabled person, gender reassignment this is to treat people in the process to change their gender, marriage, and civil partnership which include married individuals, pregnant women, race, religion, sexual orientation and sex (Stainback and Tomaskovic-Devey, 2012, p 42).

The employment and policy legislation Act of 2004 entails conflict resolution processes in workplaces .The laws recognize the employment tribunal’s rules that include equal wages.  The sex discrimination Act of 1975 protects individuals from all types of discrimination. Individuals seeking employment face several challenges; the sex discrimination Act of 1975 covers discrimination including dismissal due to protected characteristics, decisions not to hire individual, and rejection of an individual for training and promotion based on protective characteristics.

The employment Act includes conflict resolution process and implementation of minimum wages and employment standards that need to be adhered to by the employers (Department of Work and Pensions, 2013, p 19).

Task 1.3

The main selection and recruitment approach is the use of interviews. Carrying out interviews, evaluating potential candidates and using tests mostly conducted at the assessment centers can be ideal in ensuring that the best candidate is selected.

Interviews can be the first process of selection, where an individual meets a selection committee comprised of different stakeholders for interviews. Interviews will reveal important traits of candidates. Interviews can provide opportunities to determine employee weaknesses and certain drawbacks. Confident candidates are considered to have strong leadership personalities (Gale, et al, 2010, p 607).

The second approach s the use of assessment center: Potential candidates can be selected and recruited through assessment centers. Assessment centers can administer tests; the results of the tests can help predict potential employee attitudes.  Several measures can be used to measure candidate’s performance. Behavior evaluation, IQ tests, psychometric assessment tests are among the commonly used methods of assessing individual capabilities (Gale, et al, 2010, p 605).


Department of Work and Pensions. (2013). Making the labour market more flexible, efficient and fair. Available online at accessed 14 October 2014

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