Rape Case Study: Formulating Research Questions


Rape Case Study

Discussion 3: Formulating Research Questions

In the case of Talia, several questions ought to get researched on because of the massive effects a victim of rape undergoes. However, the author has critically analyzed and chose the following two questions as the most appropriate in providing a reliable solution for this persistent and growing menace. The questions include:

  • Why is it suitable for a victim of rape to open up to someone they trust about the condition?
  • How has the enacted laws and rules affected the issue of rape cases?

The first question is vital in the sense that it explores the reasons for the victim of abuse to report the case instantly. Talia Johnston failed to report her case to anyone for about three weeks a condition that left her with painful scars she wouldn’t bear. This question, therefore, would help the researcher to seek for new and appropriate reasons for the victim to share the occurrence.

It would lead to the enhancement of new knowledge in the field of art. Through informing a person about the case of rape, then greater and efficient interventions will transpire (Lisak & Miller, 2002). Besides, the process of healing of the victim would become faster, and hence there would be social change. The question will as well open a good way for more research to erupt.

Also, the question “How has the enactment and implementation of rules and laws impacted the issue of rape cases?” is very crucial. In essence, Talia went through a traumatic condition because of sexual abuse by an unfamiliar person. The question would lead to the exploration of the impacts that lack of law application can result in dire effects altogether as detailed by Lisak (2006).

This would add a lot of knowledge for social work. Besides, a critical analysis of how these rules have affected the number of rape cases need to be carried out. There would as well be a positive impact on the social change of the approach taken concerning rape cases. Answering the question would assist greatly in more research to get done about sexual assault.

The author has selected the resources by applicability, the content in the articles and the recentness year of publication of the articles.  The content of the two articles would aid in answering the above questions critically.


Lisak, D. (2006). Understanding the predatory nature of sexual violence. Boston.

Lisak, D., & Miller, P. L. (2002). Repeat rape and multiple offending among undetected rapists. Violence and Victims, Vol. 17, No. 1, 73-84.

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