Masters of Quantitative Finance Application Essay

Masters of Quantitative Finance
Masters of Quantitative Finance

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Masters of Quantitative Finance Application Essay

Quantitative-finance is the methodology of applying disciplines from mathematics, statistics, scientific computing, and finance with computer programming to financial trading and investment work. Quantitative-finance is the use of mathematical models and extremely large datasets to analyze financial markets and securities. Common examples include (1) the pricing of derivative securities such as options, and (2) risk management, especially as it relates to portfolio management applications. Professionals who work in this field are often referred to as “Quants.”


All applicants applying for the Masters of Quantitative Finance Program are REQUIRED to write a personal essay which should cover the following topics:

Why are you interested in quantitative finance?

How is your background appropriate for quantitative-finance?

Why did you choose the MQF program at Rutgers Business School?

What are your career objectives?

What have you done to prepare for our program?

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