Promotional Strategies: MistAway Case Study

Promotional Strategies
Promotional Strategies

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Promotional Strategies

MistAway Case Study

MistAway is a mosquito misting system that is designed to control mosquitos and some other troublesome insects from one’s courtyard. It is a permanently installed system that kills all mosquitos within its perimeter all year round. To ensure that MistAway is familiarized and is used more than the other methods of mosquito control, the manufacturers have employed a number of promotional strategies. The push and pull promotional strategies have been used intensively through website.  

MistAway Company guarantees installation services to their customers, which is an example of Push promotional strategies. With this type of promotional strategies, a seller gives offers so as to attract customers, something which they have effectively done through their installation programs. Through the dealers, customers are guaranteed of consistent maintenance services for their systems. A pull strategy is yet another intensely used promotional tool, as MistAway manufacturers use advertisement to a great extent in luring customers to use their services. With this approach, the seller creates a need so that buyers find it necessary to use their services. MistAway manufacturers show a number of videos about the effectiveness of the system as compared to other methods. Besides, they have educational videos on the advantages of the system and why individuals should install it in their backyards.

The use of pull and push approach is effective in serving the marketing strategies of MistAway manufactures. Teaching people about the utilization of particular technologies, and helping them see the effectiveness raises their demand for that product. Further, guaranteeing of assistance regarding maintenance and installation services reduces their cost.

MistAway manufacturers could be targeting homesteads and other institutions as hotels. Provision of outdoor mosquito control is a good idea for places that are designed for providing comfortable and serene environments.

Though the strategies used by the MistAway manufacturers is valid, it may not be sufficient for them to reach a wider market. The website-based advertisement may not arrive at a large number of potential users, which limits their organizational targets. So as to have an improvement in this aspect, the company may employ other platforms such as social media, televisions, and others.

Healthcare marketing activities and strategies should be unique from other forms in the sense that they should be focused on patient and user outcomes rather that profit making. Healthcare marketers should give priority to the welfare of patients and the whole population. It should not be carried out to lure persons to use services that are not designed for them. Accountability and care should be an essential part of all healthcare advertisements.


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