Promoting Awareness on Heart Disease

Preventing Heart Disease in Women
Preventing Heart Disease in Women

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Promoting Awareness on Heart Disease through Evidence-Based Practice

In investigating the impact of promotion awareness on preventing heart disease in women, the following PICOT question will be used to guide the research:

In women with cardiovascular diseases (P), does health promotions using evidence-based strategies to achieve optimal health of the heart (I), as compared to women receiving standard cardiovascular care (C) show better improvement in the cardiovascular disease (O) within six months? (T).

Using terms in the PICOT statement was not effective in finding useful studies. Most of the studies found by using such terms addressed broader concepts or did not relate all the ideas that the PICOT question needed to address. Some of them talked about one aspect of cardiovascular diseases alone without giving any hint about women, outcomes or interventions made towards controlling the condition.

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MESH terms such as cardiovascular, women, health promotion and others limited the number of studies that were listed on the databases compared to when those terms were not used. Therefore, this is an implication that the utilization of the MESH terms delimited the search as it filtered out some of the search results that did not have most components of the PICOT question.

Most of the research findings were not relevant to the study. To improve the relevance of the of the materials obtained, I applied limiters such as age, studies, EBP, women, years so as to only have articles that had a direct link to the various components of the Picot statement. The use of limiters was helpful because most of the items obtained in this case gave relevant information about aspects of the study.  Reviewing this articles provided adequate information on the association between evidence-based practice in health promotion and improvement of cardiovascular diseases in women.

The study used for the study on preventing heart disease in women the following databases: AHRQ,,, EBCO, PubMed, and Ovid to gather evidence. All of them provided valid pieces of evidence. The study provided level I evidence as most of the articles were systematic reviews of randomized control trials.


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