Project Plan Assignment Paper

Project Plan
Project Plan

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Project Plan

Project Summary

Project name: Reviving the nuclear power plants in Sumatra

Project start date: 08th April 2016

Project end date: 20th August 2016

Project goal: The goal of this project therefore aims at reviving and averting the dangers that the people in this region may face as a result of the destruction made on the Nuclear Power Plant and the risks that are also associated with the environment within this region.

Project location: Sumatra

Project need: Resolving the problems that may occur as a result of the damages that were experienced in the Sumatra Power Plant.

Project description: Considering the effects of the earthquake that left the city of Sumatra in loses, this project aims at developing the power plant that was damaged in this region.

Project budget: The estimated budget of this project is $800,000.

Success criteria: The project will be a success in the event that the funding’s required is gained and the factors that would cause a threat to the people living in this area and the environment itself are mitigated. Also essential is to get the power plant back to full operation.

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Project sponsor:                                        Tony Guwarty

Project manager:                                       Johnson Devuti

Project team:                                             Collins Scot– Financial Officer

                                                                  Henry Trump–Plants Supervisor

                                                                  Dorothy Fins– Risk Analyst


Recently, a 9.1 magnitude earthquake hit the coast of Sumatra that was estimated to have occurred at a depth of 30km. According to sources, the fault zone is attributed as the main cause of the tsunami at roughly 1300km long, a factor that displaced the sea floor by meters. It is through this incidence that the nuclear power plants in Sumatra were damaged (Noue, Wijeyewickrema, Matsumoto, Miura, Gunaratna, Madurapperuma, & Sekiguchi, pp. 395-411.2007). It is reported that an estimated US $ 15 billion of property was damaged and close to 230,000 people reported dead

This project management plan therefore aims at resolving and averting the dangers that the people in this region may face as a result of the destruction made on the Nuclear Power Plant and the risks that are also associated with the environment within this region (Lapoint, & Haggard, pp. 73-85.2014). The plan therefore aims at restoring the power plant back into full functionality and establishing safe approaches that would mitigate such happenings within this area in the future.

Project Objectives

The objectives of this project remain in meeting the needs of the population who have over the past experienced disasters. The project also aims at adhering to the required standards in developing and reviving the Nuclear Power Plant including the time scales.

Project Scope

It is in this case essential to determine that the focus of this project management plan is in resolving the problems that may occur as a result of the damages that were experienced in the Sumatra Power Plant (Jovanović, Čolić, Dordević, & Mitić, pp. 69. 2012). The plan therefore aims at preventing damages that may be incurred in the future. The central objective lies in making the power plant fully functional including the development of safety approaches that prevent the reoccurrence of a similar incidence.

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Assumptions and Constraints

The primary assumptions of this project management plan lied in the projects funding that is assumed should come from the governments funding and international support that would be enough to fully complete the objective of this project (Zwikael, & Ahn, pp. 25-37.2011). Other minor assumptions include the availability of skilled manpower to complete the project process; another magnitude earthquake will soon follow and if the results turn out worse, the power plant owners would choose to close this plant and bury its operations.

The constraints of this project entail that escalation of the atomic reactor that would cause more damages to an uncontrolled proportion, the strong aftershocks, and the lack of skilled manpower to risk their lives in achieving the goals of this project (Klastorin, & Mitchell, pp. 68-80.2013).

Project Organization

A project manager will be selected to ensure that the sub-projects are managed with reports made to the corporate board of Sumatra Electric Power Company. The sub-projects with the project manager will therefore include:

  1. Ensuring that public relations with the governments and other agencies are conducted since this remains the crucial planning and execution approach.
  2. The handling of logistic and supply chain
  3. On-site mitigation
  4. The handling of the projects finances.

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Technical Processes

This project will therefore make use of an open method to try and develop the appropriate mitigation processes that may be essential after the process of evaluation that will be done by specialized teams of engineers and scientists (Allen, McLees, Richardson, & Waterford, pp. 1-15.2015). The fall-back approach will therefore make use of the experiences of other power plants to ensure that precautions are taken in a case where such disasters occur again.

The plan will ensure that a safety board is put in place that consists of international representatives from scientific agencies and from the government, who will design and develop appropriate mechanisms that would ensure this plan is fully functional in the prevention of human life and the environment.

Project Definition and Planning

Stakeholders Needs

To achieve the goals of this project, the plan will therefore ensure that the needs of the stakeholders are addressed in the manner below:

  1. Board of Directors-Will ensure that adequate support is provided in the development of this plant by also ensuring that the environment and the lives of the people are protected including the restructuring of a new approach in the reviving of the Nuclear Power Plant in Sumatra.
  2. Board of Directors –The board will ensure that proper modalities are developed with the aim of ensuring that this Nuclear Power Plant runs and supports the people within the vicinity.
  3. Sumatra Council-This council will ensure that developments are made within this power plant and the required supporting infrastructures are also developed for the people within this region. The board will equally ensure that the facility is safe from the destruction of human life even when earthquakes come and is also innovatively structured to meet the needs of the population.

Success Criteria

The success criteria for this project remains in meeting the criteria’s that have been developed that would see the success of the process of the project (Schmidt, 2009). Other success factors of the project include:

  1. Meeting the full standards of the project
  2. Completing the project within the stated time frame
  3. Receiving positive feedback from the community within this vicinity.

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Project Execution

Project Methodology

The project will be executed through the use of different approaches, with the Gantt chart planning tool utilized to control and report on the project (Lapoint, & Haggard, pp. 73-85.2014). The project will therefore be divided in 4 phases with each phase ending with the acceptance of the community. The projects director will therefore conduct an inspection of each of the projects phases within the first week upon receipt of the contract and a notification on this put in writing.

The Board of Directors will therefore have the mandate to inform the contractor about their joint decision in either accepting or rejecting the phases completed and also submit details on the areas that need to be improved within a period of not more than two days (Clements, pp. 345.2012). It is also essential to determine that the delays that will be experienced in completing the four phases of the project will be attributed to the contractor’s inefficiency to meet their targets and obligations within the projects time frame, a factor that would call for penalties.

  1. It is essential to note that in any case disputes arise within the project period; the Board will set up a panel of committee to review such disputes with the parties paying the costs.
  2. The community and the workers who will be working on this site will be provided with a health and safety training to ensure that they are secure in the plant.

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Project Governance

Project Structure

The project will be analyzed and structured as described in the Appendix1 with the project governance approach also implemented as detailed.

Risks and Risk Mitigation

During the process of the project, it is believed that there would be some risks associated during the process, a factor that requires the application of a risk mitigation process ad detailed in the Appendix 3.

Project Deliverables

  1. The projects deliverables will be determined as defined in the Appendix 4 that shows the work breakdown structure.
  2. It is anticipated that the project will commence on the 08th April 2016 and will be completed on the 20th August 2016 at a budget of $800,000.
  3. The contractor will therefore provide a warranty period of 5 years for the renovation.
  4. After the project period, the contractor will be expected to offer a 5 year agreement in monitoring the project after completion.

Commissioning Of the Project and its Conclusion

It is essential to determine that the Boards acceptance of the phases of the project may not be finally actualized considering the fact that this facility will also be utilized by the community, a factor that points of to the need of the communities approval of these phases.

The contractors will only down their tools when the Nuclear Power Plant is in a position to stand the calamities that may come in the near future with this tested on its ability to withstand force.

In this case, the Board will convene a meeting with the other bodies to make final conclusions on the tested facility and approve the project to validate the payment of the contractor.

The Client is the sole determining party of the outcome of the testing stage, notwithstanding the fact that the members of the commissioning team will include representatives of the contractor.

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In order to properly ensure that the project fully utilizes its functions and achieves success, it is essential that certain factors are considered:

  1. It is essential to ensure that the contractors understand the need of developing the Nuclear Plant into a stable facility that can stand calamities such as earthquakes and tsunamis.
  2. The central focus of the contractors should be in developing modalities that ensure the lives of the people and the environment are protected when such incidences occur again.
  3. Considering the fact that the community has in the past used this facility as their sources of power, it is essential that their trust is won again, a factor that will strengthen business ties in the future.
  4. Contractors should also be mindful of the fact that the use of noisy machines should be planned or incorporate the use of silencers.

Reflective Statement

It is essential to determine that the current world has been frequently faced by a lot of calamities that claim the lives of very many people in the society. Earthquakes are the trembling movements that crust the surface of the earth. These movements come with vibrations that pass through the earth in the form of waves; a factor that caused several loses within in an area (Noue, Wijeyewickrema, Matsumoto, Miura, Gunaratna, Madurapperuma, & Sekiguchi, pp. 395-411.2007).

Some regions experience tsunamis that occur as a result of the violent underwater forces that travel as tidal waves. This therefore determined the reason for the choice of this topic since many countries have over time been heavily affected by these calamities that destroy property and consume the lives of a people.

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In developing this project plan, I have determined the fact that the implementation part of this project may take quite a long time in completing. However upon going through the concepts of this study, I have identified the fact that the initiation stages and the planning phases of a project may require bit of time since this is what determined the success of a project (Parker, Parsons, & Isharyanto, pp. 552-573. 2015).

Through the projects phases, I have discovered that the element of teamwork plays a significant role especially when incorporated with communication approaches. This therefore points out to the need of the planning committee to consider these elements since this enables the objectives of the project to be achieved.

On the other hand, I have also received the relevant skills requires in developing the Gantt chart and in ensuring that the time frame is appropriately calculated (Heravi, Coffey, & Trigunarsyah, pp. 985-997. 2015). This skill will enable me to effectively plan projects in the future. However, it is also essential to note that there were some challenges that I experienced in the process especially in developing some of the charts with specifity on the Gantt chart. This therefore required an application of the project management tools.

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