Project Activation Case Paper

Project Activation Case
Project Activation Case

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Project Activation Case

Globally, projects are at the heart of the success of any organization. Most organizations rely on the success of the individual project to eventually be successful in their other business operations. Considering the significance of project success, it is prudent to look at the project management practices being currently used by most organizations.

It is common to find that the outdated project management practices or models being used are prone to mistakes errors and eventually project failure (Burke, 2013). However, there is a new project or rather program management model that is better than the ones being currently used by most organizations.

The new model of program management focuses more on the most important areas of running a project to ensure their optimum function. Essentially, the new model provides the overall program manager or individual project managers new ways to manage, coordinate and control the activities that constitute a project.

The new model does so by ensuring that the program managers are note prone to some of the errors, mistakes or other people mistakes that they make during program management. The new model of program management has a new thing to teach the professionally concerned with overseeing project activities at the organizational country or global level.

Project Activation Case

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Looking into the significance of the projects being carried out by MEDCOM each year. Project management needs to be at the core of their activities. For an institution as large as MEDCOM, project management is one of their critical aspects that they incorporate into their schedules to ensure that the purpose of the organization is not in any way deemed unachievable. Therefore, MEDCOM should consider looking into the new project management model to find out what they have been doing wrong and what they can be able to change for a better performing organization.

The new model of project management can be explained in detail throughout this paper. However, there are some sections in the new model that are similar to other models that have been in place for a long time. Consequently, there also some other sections that do not exist in the absolute models and therefore, they need to be explained together with how they change the way people think about managing projects and programs by completely redefining project management.

In essence, managing a project is quite a limited task as compared to a program. The unique difference comes in the fact that the scope of a program is larger than that of a project. Therefore, we conclude that the definition of program management covers a larger scope than that of project management. Therefore, we are going to use a definition of the latter term to give the meaning of the scope in which these two management practices operate.

Essentially, program management is defined as the process through which a group of projects is coordinated and managed in a way to achieve the control and benefits, not achievable from managing them individually (, 2015). In simple term, the definition of program management comprises of the idea of managing several projects under one umbrella to attain certain benefits that would steer a certain organization towards prosperity, in which case it would not have been possible by the act of managing each project separately and individually.

Project Activation Case

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MEDCOM has been facing quite some challenges caused by their project management practices. According to information available. Their last projects were faced by quite some challenges that made them quite not successful in their objectives. The challenges they faces were mostly attributed to the inability of the project managers to effectively and efficiently manage a project. Essentially, the organization’s bureaucracy problem was identified as a magnification of the internal problems of the project managers.  That is quite true.

However, there is hope for this organization. After critically and carefully analyzing the new model of program management. You realize that there are some essential components of the new model that ought to be incorporated into the practices of MEDCOM when they are managing their many projects. Or otherwise, MEDCIM should consider adopting the new model to achieve project management success in every perspective possible.

The paper is going to critically evaluate the essential components that align to the project management problem at MEDCOM and come up with a recommendation on what MEDCOM should consider changing to be successful in their operations.

MEDCOM has faced quite some challenges, but the new project management model has come to the rescue. Initially, MEDCOM had been managing their project separately and individually. This meant that most of the project if not all had a sole supervisor who was the project manager. They faced likely problems that include lack of commitment, firm leadership, and sponsorship. Other problems included poor requirements management, lack of defined success metrics, and lack of integrated planning and so on.

To effectively tackle the problems or challenges being faced by MEDCOM as they attempt to effectively manage their projects. They need to use the services of an overall program manager. The program manager will be there for one reason only. To ensure that program management is done to the best of the potential being held by the organization. This includes practices like ensuring project managers communicate their achievement and setbacks right on from the start to ensure that the program goes with a certain plan (, 2015).

The deliverables of the projects need to be also communicated from the start of the project to ensure that stakeholder gets a clear picture of the benefits to be expected from the project and also know if they are in the process of being obtained or if they have already been obtained.

Project Activation Case

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The program management process also requires the right organization. The new model dictates that there are some crucial roles to be played by other parties other than project managers and the program manager (Kerzner, 2013). This crucial role would require the expertise of some professional who have significant input into the project.

Some of whom have quite critical roles that define the commitment with which various professionals would run individual projects that are coordinated in such a way that the benefits obtained are specific to the function of the organization. The required professionals include program sponsors, program managers, change manager, risk manager, business analyst, and program office manager.

The program sponsor will have the sole purpose of providing a level of authority on matters such as purpose and direction of the program as well as program funding. The success of the program depends heavily on the overall quality of the sponsors. The program managers will be tasked with integration and coordination of component projects and operations to meet the objectives of the program eventually.

The change manager’s work will be to successfully integrate the changes that the program will bring into a certain organization. The risk manager will have the responsibility of identifying the different ways of identifying and implementing the process of risk management.  The business analyst is concerned with the analysis of the scope of requirements across all projects in the program and also a quality assurance to verify some of the project deliverables.

Program office manager is the person who sets the standards for the program management practices. Seeing that every professional listed above have a specific purpose, they are therefore crucial to meeting the objectives of the projects and program as a whole (, 2015).

Project Activation Case

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Other aspects of the new model that are essential include a well-defined program architecture, managing stakeholder’s expectations, integrated program planning, systematic risk management,  evaluating possible program outcomes, implementation of the right control practices, identification of achievable benefits and requirement and lastly facilitation of effective change management in the organization.

When the above stipulated essential components of the new model, have been successfully integrated into the operations of MEDCON. Success is assured. However, after integrating the essential one need to critically analyze if the new model has delivered program success in the said organization. This can be done through some ways that include assessing if the implementation of the strategic programs has been successful of not.

Considering that success is guaranteed only if a combination of strong communication, leadership, managerial and technical skills was adopted for the program (, 2015). Then and only then will project management said to be successful in a given capacity.

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