Pressure Ulcer: Nursing Home Case Study

Pressure Ulcer
Pressure Ulcer

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Pressure Ulcer

Immaculate Mart Home has an occupancy rate of 99% with 293 patients occupying its total of 296 beds. The facility is a non-profit home and is not part of a multiple nursing home ownership. It has a below average RN per resident per day of approximately 43 minutes compared to that of the state of Pennsylvania of 55 minutes.

It has a Long Term Pressure Ulcer Percentage (LTPUP) of 2.4% and a short term pressure percentage (STPUP) of 2.1%.  In September 24th 2015, PA was awarded a rating of 5 out 5 by the CMS of the Dept. Health for Human Services. This rating means that the nursing home is way above average based on quality measures, staffing, and health inspections.

Chapel Manner Nursing Home has a 95% occupancy rate with 229 patients using its total of 240 beds. It is part of a multiple nursing home ownership and it is a for profit organization. Its RN Hours/Resident/ Day is 57 minutes with an average of 2.29 minutes of Physical Therapy Staff. It has a LTPUP of 2.3% and a STPUP of 1.4%. It received a 2 out 5 overall rating. A score that implies that the facility is rated below average based on staffing, quality measures, and health inspections.

Fair View Care Center is a for profit nursing home that accepts Medicaid. It has a capacity of 36 beds. Its RN Hours/Resident/Day is averaged at 44 minutes and that of physical therapy staff is less than one minute. Moreover, it has 0.0% of its long staying patients as well as short staying patients with pressure ulcers.

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Baptist Health Care Center: This is a non-profit nursing home that has a total of 140 beds, all fully sprinkled with 138 beds occupied. It has an occupancy rate of 99%. It accepts both Medicaid and Medicare and it is not located within a hospital. It has a LTPUP of 2.8% and a STPUP of 1.6%

Its reported physical therapy hours are 0.03 per day and the total nurse staffing hours per patient daily is 4.47.  In addition, it has a quality rating of 3 and a RN staffing rating of 4.

Some of the risk factors that predispose an individual to developing pressure ulcers include immobility, inactivity, smoking, poor nutrition, use of corticosteroids, and urinary or fecal incontinence.

Some of the strategies that can be used to prevent pressure ulcers include frequent weight shifting, using cushions or specialized mattresses that relieve pressure, protect and clean affected skin, maintaining a balanced diet, and proper health standards such as avoidance of smoking (Coleman et al., 2013).

Awareness can be increased by first laying out facts to the nursing home staff about the consequences of pressure ulcers, how they develop, and how easily they can be prevented. For instance, the staff should be aware that in 2013, the condition caused a totally of 29, 000 deaths up from 14, 000 in 1990 (Lachenbruch et al., 2016).  This therefore, begs the nursing staff to implement urgent interventions against pressure ulcers.


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Lachenbruch, C., Ribble, D., Emmons, K., & VanGilder, C. (2016). Pressure Ulcer Risk in the Incontinent Patient: Analysis of Incontinence and Hospital-Acquired Pressure Ulcers from the International Pressure Ulcer Prevalence (TM) Survey. Journal of Wound Ostomy & Continence Nursing.

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