The process of preparing and performing speech

The process of preparing and performing speech
The process of preparing and performing speech

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The process of preparing and performing speech

Share insights you gained from the process of preparing and performing speech. What do you think you did well? What area do you think you need to improve on?

The process of preparing and performing speech presents one with the opportunity to strengthen their interpersonal, group, public speaking and literacy ability. In this process, I gained various insights, for example, the importance of communication in my life. In addition, there is a relationship between daily communication and public speaking. Again, people take turns in public speaking and certain cases they are silent.

They do this throughout the day and learn nothing from it. During this process, I was the center of attention from friends, and this did not make me uneasy. On the stage, nonetheless, some individuals perceive that things are different. That is not the case. During long presentations for instance, there is need for the speaker to engage with the audience.  

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Individuals can communicate their feedback while the speaker will negotiate his/her turn like in everyday conversation. The variance is how the speaker perceives the context. When it comes to doing what I did well, I was informed of the audience expectations, as such I was clear and eloquent in my speech. People believe that the degree of hope; precision or idealistic attributes recognized in an eloquent speaker are necessary but then concentrate on insufficiencies, fear and the likelihood of failing to fulfill requirements.

In bid to overlook such ideal, I was able to present the speech with a rational disposition effectively. The guidelines I use with ease in a dialogue daily are similar to a larger discussion in the perspective of public speaking. This standpoint provided an optional as I addressed my apprehension that assisted me to ignore optimistic expectations. By and large, I need to improve a few things such as understanding that public dialogue should not be a fright experience; rather it may be related to holding a friendly discussion. This is particularly true with a good preparation and organization of a presentation before time.


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