Political sound bites

Political sound bites
Political sound bites

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Political sound bites

Order Instructions:

*The essay topic revolves around the use of sound bites involving a political issue or related issues to determine either the opinion of the public (positive or negative) or the validity/lack of validity as a viable source to support arguments.

The essay revolves around soundbites..

*Please highlight each thing as it comes up

-Clearly identified topic. Highlight the whole topic

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-The closed thesis statement is easily understood by the reader. Please highlight the thesis

-The topic sentences directly correlate to the thesis statement and are presented in the same order as they appear in the thesis statement. Just make sure the topic fits with the thesis.

-The three support sentences tie directly to the topic sentence. Highlight them for me .

-References to the articles used for support are provided. Put them down and highlight them for me .

*The essay needs to have soundbites in it.

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