Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage

Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage
Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage

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Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage


A policy brief is a concise summary of an issue, event, or a problem.  There may be supporting documents, but these are used sparingly and selectively; most often they are not submitted with the “brief.”  Be aware that while policy briefs are shorter than papers or reports, they are not any less scholarly or rigorous.  In fact, some individuals find them harder to write, as decisions have to be made about what content to include and what not to include.  The author has to be concise yet document and substantiate points.   So, while the basic write-up of this “brief” is short, one should not underestimate the analysis that underpins it.  Assertions have to be supported with logical arguments, data, or expert opinions.  Use standard sized margins and a 11 or 12 point font.

Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage

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1.         Choose a policy area/issue on the WNA or AANP websites (links provided in Policy Brief Resources folder in Moodle). You are NOT to use the APRN Modernization act as it is serves as the example for the assignment.

2.         Explore and define the problem. Provide data to establish prevalence, importance, or significance of the problem. Try to describe through the lens of an APN.

3.         Conduct a search for possible options to address the problem.

4.         Identify two possible options to address the policy problem, one of which must be a current Bill; seek out organizational positions, and/or interview influential and key interests about the issue.

5.         Compare and contrast the two options in an objective, balanced manner.  Consider the benefits and limitations of each, the winners and losers (i.e., stakeholders) for each.  Consider costs-benefits.

Policy Brief: Nursing Shortage

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6.         Based on an objective analysis, determine your solution and why you prefer the option/action you do. Be sure you address issues related to distributional equity.

7.         Write up your recommendation with any provisos, cautions, or limitations.  Be sure to identify the alternative that you have not chosen and to discuss why your preferred option is better than that one.

8.         Discuss resources needed to implement.

9.         Maximum length is 2, single-spaced pages, 11-12 point font, standard margins.  (Note: this spacing is a deviation from APA format). Note: references may be on an additional 3rd page.  No abstract needed.)

Brief Policy: Nursing shortage

Congress: Text – H.R.2581 – 116th Congress (2019-2020): Nurse Staffing Standards for Hospital Patient Safety and Quality Care Act of 2019 | Congress.gov | Library of Congress

Organization: The Nursing Workforce | American Nurses Association (nursingworld.org)

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