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Question 1

Police officers have an important role to play in the society. They serve to protect all people from both internal and external attacks. The United States police are divided into different department across the United States. However, their role remains the form. The force was formed centuries ago and since then they have played an important role in the society. Nevertheless, their roles have differed considerably since the civil through the First and Second World War.

Question 2

            The United States joint policy has been used to determine its relation to other countries across the globe after the civil war. Its foreign policy has been known to directly affect countries which do not practice democratic process. Since the United States is a superpower, it has the ability to have an effect or influence on the other countries (Hook & Spanier,2015) directly. The United States is branded by its public war policy across the whole world.

Question 3
The first aspect involves the pancontinental railroad or manufacturing rebellion which distorted the United States as one of the biggest financial powers. The second aspect involves their promotions to see that Christianity has been implemented in different countries. Thirdly, the United States play a role in influencing European countries to implement their policies (Jervis, 2013).

Question 4

The policy has influenced the Vietnam war of 1964, the civil conflict in Somalia of the year 1991 and the Iraq combat that took place during the years 2003 to 2011 (Mead, 2013).
Question 5

The Vietnamese war was initiated by the failure of some countries to respect international treaties while the war in Iraq was influenced by war while elections influenced the conflict in Somalia.


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