Physical Therapy Admission Application

Physical Therapy Admission Application
Physical Therapy Admission Application

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Physical Therapy Admission Application

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To Admission Director,

Loma Linda University,
School of Allied Health Professions,
Office of Admissions,
Nichol Hall,
Loma Linda, California 92350

Dear Sir/Madam,

 I am interested in pursuing Physical Therapy at Loma Linda University in summer 2016. I have chosen to apply in this institution because it was highly recommended by most of the physical therapist I consulted when I was conducting search for a quality physical therapy program.

 Since childhood, I have always been keen to help people, especially those with physical disabilities. This bolstered the desire to enrol for a course at the California State University, Dominguez Hills (CSDUH). So far, I have attained good grades and am anticipating to obtain A or A- at the completion of the course.  I am current taking HUM 310 and have registered the rest of the general physics units, which I plan to complete before the onset of LLU summer training program. The good grades attained highlight my passion and desire to excel, and make a difference on people’s lives.

 Additionally, I have managed to interact with multi-talented physiotherapists at Burlington Convalescent Hospital under the supervision of Margret (will send her recommendation letter independently via email, probably you will receive it by next week).  I have also worked as a volunteer at Glandale Memorial Hospital for a short duration due institutions protocols.  At the Burlington Convalescent Hospital, I feel sad to see patients suffer and I feel obliged to help them. I feel touched whenever I make impact on patient’s life.  Additionally, I am bilingual; I can speak English and Korean.  This is an advantage as I can help translate for Korean patients to the therapists.

Physical Therapy Admission Application

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 I seek this learning opportunity at LLU where I will be mentored by world class physical therapist to develop a well-rounded skill set such as first rate interpersonal abilities and upholding exceptional work ethics. I seek to study in an institution that encourages personal and professional growth, which will ensure that I develop physically, socially, spiritually and intellectually. 

This personal development and growth is supported by the unique environment at LLU which will help me reflect and strengthen my perspectives of humanity. These are the key tools needed to ensure that I serve, promote healthy living and deliver quality care for all patients irrespective of their culture or ethnic backgrounds, especially as I do missionary work around world.  I desire to help people heal spiritually and physically during their hard time and illness.

Physical Therapy Admission Application

I believe that the program is essential in attaining my career goals as it will arm me with additional skills, while opening doors for further training and intellectual development. Additional  factors that make this program particularly attractive  and appropriate for my training demands is that: i) the course design which gives me an opportunity for multi-disciplinary exploration, ii) first world training infrastructure  and iii) opportunity to be mentored by the world class  professionals.

 I believe I am best suited for the requested training program because of my excellent proven track of passion, competence and commitment in this field.  I am confident that with my back ground, I will bring invaluable talent, aptitude and versatility to benefit maximally and to add value to the program.

Yours Faithfully,

Physical Therapy Admission Application

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