Perspective in Criminology Research Exercise

Perspective in Criminology
Perspective in Criminology

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Perspective in Criminology

Alcohol-related violence and one punch killings 
Research question a) How can public debate and political action relating to these offences be seen as related to neo-liberal ideology? Discuss in relation to concepts of risk and responsibilisation. 

Please note that for this assignment you are required to cite at least 8 academic references. Note: Wikipedia and media articles are NOT academic references.

Marking Criteria Style & Presentation – Some Dos and Don’ts 
You need to relate your essay to the specific topic provided above 

You are expected to have basic knowledge about how to do academic research (both online and in the Library). If you would like help, or are unsure about how to research academic material

Wikipedia is not an academic source! 

Perspective in Criminology

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Make sure you follow the Harvard referencing style

Preparation is key to good writing. The more time you spend mapping out your assignment, the more likely it is that you will produce a coherent and convincing argument. Your essay should be 1.5 or double spaced. 

Your assignment should be sufficiently titled so as to indicate the question you have selected. 

Your reference list must be included at the end of your essay. Failure to include a reference list can result in an automatic failure and can constitute serious academic misconduct. 

Avoid overly long sentences. Simple is better. 

You need to read your essay prior to submission. If it doesn’t make sense to you, it won’t make sense to your marker either. 


Make sure all your references are fully and properly acknowledged (including page numbers for direct quotations).

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