Personal Statement Sample Paper

Personal Statement Sample
Personal Statement Sample

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Personal Statement Sample

What is your intended major? Discuss how your interest in the subject developed and describe any experience you have had in the field  such as volunteer work, internships and employment, participation in student organizations and activities  and what you have gained from your involvement. 

Personal Statement

Since my early age, computers have always fascinated me. My dad and my brother introduced me to these through computer games and this sparked an undying interest in me. Computers play an important role in our lives and the computing industry keeps growing at an alarming rate. My creativity and interest then demand that I specialize in Computer Science, and my enthusiasm calls for success in this. I knew back them that computing was my call and dreamt of majoring in computer science at the university.

Personal Statement Sample: Prompt 1 (transfer applicants)

When I was still young back in Beijing, I had got real close to my dad and my brother. These two mattered most to me for a reason well known to me. Playing videogames and other computer games with them are my most memorable childhood experiences. I would always look forward to evenings and weekends to just spend with them on computers. Because of them, there grow a strong love and curiosity about computers.

I used to naively wonder and ask them how computers worked yet they had no brains or any form of control but they would just brush this off. My curiosity had increased and I set out to discover this by myself. Since then I have had a strong attachment to computers, and these arouse a lot of interest in me.

After arriving in the US four years ago, I still found computers the best option for me as they were friendlier and do not require high levels of English proficiency, considering I am an immigrant. I used to spend a lot of time on my computer, discovering and learning newer stuff in the world of computers. I realized that in computer manipulation and use, learning is a continuous process as one discovers new things everyday. 

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While at City college of San Francisco, I looked for student organizations with computer as their interest. I was happy to find the ‘CCSF Linux Users’ Group which comprises computer enthusiasts. This group made me feel more at home as I could share a lot of computer knowledge with people whom we shared a common interest. This group mainly has the Linux operating system at heart and is a proponent of the open-source movement.

I therefore gained a lot of knowledge mainly on the Linux operating system and participated in the group’s open-source movement. This group has greatly advanced my proficiency in computers and has as well widened my knowledge on the same. Pursuing Computer Science will therefore crown all these and make me a professional and a fully fledged computer scientist.

Personal Statement Sample: Prompt 2 (all applicants)

Human beings are judged by their actions. These actions make up human experience and can as well make up their achievements which determine a person’s integrity. However, a person’s future aspirations are as important as their past experiences. Different people perceive achievement differently. Some like to see it as a universal law while others view it as a tenet, however, to me, achievement is a rule. 

Having been born and raised in Beijing; a cultural center of XX, I have always had great love for my country. However, since I was a child, I always dreamt of living abroad and especially experiencing life in the US as I saw it in films and most literature. This had become my wildest dream. It was hard to believe it when plans fell in place for me to enroll at the City College of San Francisco. To me, this was a dream come true and one of my biggest achievements in life.

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I had already achieved my dream of living and studying in America. This however opened up another aspiration in me. This is getting to the University of ****. I have had past knowledge of this University since I was in XX but getting there seemed unbelievable to me back then. However, since I moved to the US, my perspective on life changed and the go-getter aspect in me was rekindled even more.

I believe in dreams and helping people achieve their dreams, just like I did. It is while here that I discovered the sympathetic aspect in my personality. I came to understand the joy of living a dream and what it means to not live a dream. My life was good and I was happy but I figured out about those other souls out there who have not had the chance of having their aspirations come true, let alone not having the opportunity to live a decent life that would turn their dreams into reality. 

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All these have been life-changing to me; my personality portrays more maturity, patience, integrity and understanding. This has shaped me to be a responsible person; a quality that will make me excel in all my endeavors. However I am still young and this does not mark the end of my aspirations. I believe in the future and what education will do for me. This is why my aspiration now is the University of ****. I believe in myself, my abilities and capabilities. I have to be on top-of –things to be considered here and so I will do all I can to prove myself. 

I will be greatly honored to be part of the University of **** fraternity; an institution with such a strong educational base. I aspire to have a brilliant future where I will responsibly face any challenges that will come my way. As a computer specialist, I will work at ensuring that I give the best in my work.

I love my family and so wish to have one happy family in future and help my children live their dreams. Above all, my knowledge in computer science must be felt by positively impacting on the world around me. I am an all-rounder and so with lots of opportunities before me, I will use my efforts to ensure I grab them all. This way, I will have lived a purposeful life.

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