Personal Reflection: Academic Learning

Personal Reflection
Personal Reflection

Personal Reflection

I have had the opportunity to experience two sets of learning that have been pertinent in enhancing not only my academic but also my personal growth. They are distance accessible and face to face courses. The distance accessible courses provided me with the chance to interact with other students via virtual means who are taking similar courses. This widened my circle of academic knowledge as I managed to share my knowledge with students from different countries.

Secondly, it is more affordable an aspect that enabled me to save a lot of money. Lastly, I was a working student and distance accessible courses introduced flexibility as I could easily fit the courses within my schedule. On the other hand, the face to face courses are important as they enhanced my socialization skills as I got to interact with my fellow students and teachers. I admired the way the teachers could motivate each of us in our way to make sure we were able to achieve our full potential.

According to Bain (2004), “They do not teach a class. They teach a student” (p.143). In my case, the instructors presented the lectures in an interactive way where we as the students were actively involved in class discussions. Also, the instructors were cordial and had an open door policy. They allowed students to approach them with any challenges that they faced in their academics.

Benner et al. (2010), “focus on covering decontextualized knowledge to an emphasis on teaching for sense” (p.89).  Based on this my instructors approached content analysis by dividing the class into groups of five people based on our strengths and weaknesses. This was done at the beginning of the semester to enable us to help each other in tackling difficult topics. Also, the instructors offered private tuition to weak students who were ready to seek help.

According to Boyer (1990),  “Teaching is also a dynamic endeavor involving all analogies, metaphors, and images that build bridges between the teachers’ understanding and the student’s learning” (p. 23). The techniques used by my instructors include group discussions, imagery, virtual learning, engaging class interactions, question and answer session that sparked creativity.

I have learned as can be seen in this personal reflection from Benner, Bain, and Boyer that teaching is an inclusive process that requires the use of creative methods to foster student learning. For me to be present for my students, I plan to incorporate imagery in my presentations to encourage learning, make the class more interactive, focus on sharing life advice that does complement the content I am teaching. This personal reflection highlights just but a few of the learning outcomes that I have received and will use in my career growth.


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