Personal and professional development Portfolio

Personal and professional development
Personal and professional development

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Personal and professional development

Professional development entails a person developing himself or herself in his or her role to completely understand the job that he/she does and the way in which that person can improve. It is notable that professional development entails enhancing the necessary skills in order to perform one’s role as effectively as possible and as Armstrong (2010) pointed out, it is something that would continue all through a person’s working life.

When thinking about personal development, one thinks about the skills needed to achieve the required results, both in the person’s role and for life in general. Ordinarily, personal development is about improving one’s talents as well as potential, both in the place of work and outside the place of work (Cook &Hunsaker, 2011). This learning portfolio entailed filling out a total of five Activity Reflection sheets for Lecture Topics 1 through 6. Entries 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 provide a summary of the activity reflection sheets.

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In essence, each entry highlights the things that I learned from the activity and includes relevant examples which prove my learning and how I am intending to use the skills that I developed all through the activity in the future at my place of work. On the whole, this learning portfolio provides evidence of my progress as well as ongoing performance and is therefore of major importance to me.

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