Performance Management System

Performance Management
Performance Management

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Performance Management

It is essential to determine that there are several factors that need to be considered in improving the performance of an organization. Companies that operate internationally need to be vast with the region they operate in and consider the people within this region, their cultures, social contexts, different beliefs and practices, including the government’s rules and regulations.

In determining the approaches involved in international performance management, an organization needs to ensure that the five approaches involved are critically observed (Armstrong, pp.233-242. 2014). These approaches include: total divergence, partial convergence, partial divergence and dual system and total convergence. It is therefore essential to determine the fact that the HR management systems need to weave this approaches with the culture of a region, the environmental differences into the functions of an organization.

However, incorporating these elements in international performance management may meet some barriers that may articulately affect the performance of expatriates. These factors are therefore closely tied to the cross-cultural environment the skills and abilities to manage different tasks within different cultures and the challenges with communication which relates to the norms and practices of the region (Malek, Budhwar, & Reiche, pp. 258. 2015).

Performance management also needs to consider other external factors that affect the performances of individual and which may be out of the control of individuals with the aim of impacting good practice within an organization.

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This therefore requires the development of hybrid performance management systems that incorporates the goals and objectives of an organization aimed at promoting high performance practices within the functions of an organization (O’Sullivan, & O’Sullivan, pp. 999-.2008). In conclusion, it is therefore important that the local managers and staffs of an organization receive training to learn and understand the local lifestyles and how people socially interact with the aim of blending within a social context.


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