Performance Management Process

Performance Management Process
Performance Management Process

Performance Management Process

It is sometimes crucial to figure out how to tackle performance management successfully. As such it is very important to strategic planning. This implies that strategic planning and performance management are key for any successful business organization all over the globe. The management performance is normally defined in the light of human resources. However, the definition can be broadened to encompass a number of outcomes of the whole business enterprise (Müller, & Friedli, 2015).

The individual performance of each and every employee in any business organization counts to a larger extent to the performance of that business organization. It is also important to consider the fact that the performance of that business organization also counts to the performance of the workforce of the organization. The incorporation of the two perspectives within the strategic management planning framework gives the most important opportunity for the prosperity of the company.

One’s planning process and strategic plan is crucial tools needed to deliver the required performance management. As such the two define the required changes that would impact positively to the key indicators. They also positively affect the key answers as to why changes are critical.

When, there, is no clarity as far as strategy is concerned, the organizational units will essentially develop their agenda alone, there will, therefore, be unconfused, uncoordinated efforts to make things better and the effect as far as the performance is concerned will be diluted dramatically (Müller, & Friedli, 2015). In a nutshell, one’s strategic plan defines why as well as how one would attain one’s goals of performance management.

This paper illustrates how performance management plan, process as well as steps involved are crucial in the performance of a company. It encompasses the analysis of a company’s performance management and now this impacts the success of the company. It is indeed the manifestation of how performance management, plan, and process are crucial, in the business organization.

How Strategic Performance Management Processes Are Affected by Learning and Management Strategies.

Strategic management affects the processes of strategic performance management in many ways.  It is, therefore, imperative to know that the system performance, aligning the objectives as well as managing the employees of a given company to propel delivery of such company greatly. They facilitate operational goals as well as the strategic goals as stipulated by the company.

As such, studies show that there is intermediate and clear correlation between applying management of performance programs or software as well as business that is improved and the results of the business organization. The impact of the system of performance management in the public sectors differs from positive to negative (De, 2013).

As a result, this recommends that differences in the performance management system features and the settings in which they get executed to play a role that is very important in the prosperity as well as to the success of or downfall of the performance management.

An employee in a particular business organization will significantly deliver and be productive with the application of performance management. This may be an important outcome if there is a proper application of the integrated software contrary to the outcome that could be evident when the performance management uses a spreadsheet for a system of recording. The return on investment can be realized via a range of indirect as well as direct benefits of sales, benefits of operational efficiency and through making open of the latent capacity of every worker work day.

This implies the time spent by the employees not doing the jobs they are required to perform. Learning and management strategies are therefore crucial in performance management strategies since they encourage performance delivery as well as productivity of the business organization. As such, there would growth in sales, reduction of costs, decrease time as well as align the organization, motivation of the employees as well as improve the management control (De, 2013). 

My Company and Employees

My company is king’s General Motors. The company deals with the automobiles, ranging from the motorcycles to huge tracks and buses. I have three hundred workers who very hardworking and competent in the jobs. My employees are engaged in the jobs such as management, the general assembly of the vehicles as well as sales and marketing of the company products.

Each and every department of the organization does a tremendous job in ensuring that the business succeeds in its endeavors. Such hard work performed by these departments has enabled the company to overcome the various challenges witnessed in the automobile industry all, over the globe.

Assessment of the Employees

To enhance the performance of each and every employee of the organization, I appoint a management team from each and every department of the organization to conduct the assessment of the employees in their departments. Various departments in the King’s General Motors employ different methods in assessing the workforce of the company.

In the department that deals with an assembly of the vehicles, applies the ranking system to enable it to gauge how much its employees perform in their respective fields of specialization. However, the remaining departments use appraisals to do the workers’’ assessment. The appraisals in the departments ensure that the workers are able to perform efficiently, competently and within the time stipulated by the departments to ensure quality work.

How I Provide Feedback

The assessment of my employees is usually conducted within a span of three months after each and every financial year. This serves the assessment right especially after the financial year when the company is able to ascertain its profits for a particular year. After the assessment, I usually provide the feedback for the same in an annual general meeting that is usually held at the company hall.

During the meeting the success and failures of the company are analyzed and criticized where need be, just to ensure that it is in, the right train as far as the progress of the company is concerned. The type of feedback provided is usually summative and is based on productivity that is related to what a particular worker or groups of workers do.

How I will Reward the Top Workers and the Low Performers

After the assessment of the performances of the employees, very many ways are used to reward workers who perform well as well as those who never do well in their duties. For the top workers, I usually reward them by promotion, increased remuneration as well as through recognition as either the worker of the year or the most proficient worker of the decade.

There is also Various presents and gifts given to such workers.  My company is also concerned with the employees who are not doing well as far as their performances are concerned. Such workers are encouraged not to give up, but work harder. After this, the low performing workers are taken for in-services to enhance their performance.


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