Patient Master Index Essay Paper

Patient Master Index
Patient Master Index

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Patient Master Index

The Patient Master Index/Master Patient Index/Central Patient Index is a database that holds information of all patients with the hospital. The main purpose of Patient Master Index is to enable creation of UMRN and ensuring each patient is assigned to one UMRN. The creation of data into the PMI and update is authorized to relevant documentation clerks, laboratory clerks, and emergency clerks (Perera et al., 2011).

Creation of a health record file entails the details of employment clinic, eligibility office, and emergency department. The mandatory data about a patient that must be recorded includes their surname, date of birth, given names, address, and national identification number (Chaudhry et al., 2006).

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Through the CPI and A&E, patient demographics can be verified and updated because both can be used in the creation of patient medical records number, however the CPI is the only one able to update demographic details of a patient, while A&E can be used to verify.  The identification and management of potential errors is achieved through the UMRN Inactivation/Merged in Error.

For instance, when there is merge/inactivation of an incorrect record, site specific procedures are implemented to deal with the occurrence. Consequently, all systems utilizing eSIHI data through interfaces will forthwith hold the incorrect data against the correct UMRN, and a script then shows the inactivated UMRN to the newly retrieved patient’s correct UMRN registration. The supervisor is then notified for subsequent approval.   


Chaudhry, B., Wang, J., & Wu, S. et al., (2006). Systematic review: Impact of health information technology on quality, efficiency, and costs of medical care. Annals of Internal Medicine, 144(10), 742–752.

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