Patient Home Visit: Case Study

Patient Home Visit: Case Study
Patient Home Visit: Case Study

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Patient Home Visit: Case Study

 The major problems that can be identified from the patient home visit it is the social alienation of the patient, she is psychologically disturbed and with the lack of appetite the medicine will not be effective enough. She misses her husband a factor that increases the pain and the suffering that she is undergoing. She, however, points out that he used to smoke so often a factor that may be led to the condition that she is undergoing.

The discharge instructions have not been followed to the letter. There is no oxygen supply at the homestead since this was one of the discharging factors that would assist her to recover much faster at home. Lack of family to offer support also affects how the patient will cope with the ailment. The medications were not filled in time because her daughter works full time and she also has her issues to deal with.

For the betterment of the patient, it is vital that some questions should be addressed to improve the health of the patient. The nurses should be aware of all the medicines that the patient should be taking at a given time. As evidenced, the patient mentioned that a nurse who has visited earlier didn’t assess the medications that were not available.

Better and proper education should also be provided to the patient so that she can understand why some things are mandatory. Regarding the supply of oxygen in the house, she should be aware that the requirement is necessary, and it should be fixed immediately.

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Since the patient doesn’t have any family support, she should regularly be visited, or a nurse should permanently be at her home to guide her in the healing process. Psychologically, she should be involved in other activities that would make her concentrate on her health other than being psychologically being affected by those that she misses. The patient will be better if exercise is introduced into her life. Exercising rejuvenates an individual’s body energy, and this makes blood circulation to be efficient, and this will work well with the heart condition that she has.

Therapy and a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to the older people with heart conditions must be followed to the letter. It has been evidenced how effective the nurse visits have helped such kind of patients to cope with their conditions. Follow-ups by doctors and nurses are recommended, but they should be regular so that better techniques will be availed that will be used to improve the patient’s survival (Koelling et al. 2005)

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Patient Home Visit: Case Study


Nurse: “Good afternoon Sallae Mae, my name is Christine, and I will be your nurse today. I have learned that you are having issues with taking your medication?”

Mae: Yes I have not been consistently taking my drugs in the right procedure as prescribed, how can I do it better nurse?”

Nurse: All the medications that you have been prescribed with have significance in your healing. Take them at the time prescribed so that your health will improve. I also realize that you do not have oxygen supply as indicated in the discharge prescription?

Mae: “True, I don’t want any oxygen in this house, I am just tired all I think about is my late husband, and recently I have no appetite.”

Nurse: “That should not be the case mom, oxygen supply enables your breathing to be better and prevents polluted air into your systems. It will clean your lungs for healthy breathing and improve blood circulation. Hope you understand me, mom.”

Mae: “Yes I apparently dont blame you, but I can’t stop thinking about him when my only daughter doesn’t have enough time to come and check on me, nurse.”

Nurse: “I have a solution to that, I will volunteer to be visiting you after every two days, we start an exercise session so that you won’t be thinking about family members so much. I will also talk to your daughter to at least spare some hours and visit you. You will get better mom and all the best. I will visit you two days later and eat well never lose hope. Bye for now,”

Mae: “Bye nurse, take care too.”


Koelling, T. M., Johnson, M. L., Cody, R. J., & Aaronson, K. D. (2005). Discharge education improves clinical outcomes in patients with chronic heart failure. Circulation111(2), 179-185.

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