Patient Education on Disability

Patient Education on Disability
Patient Education on Disability

Patient Education on Disability

Hi Benson,

Your discussion is very informative. I agree with you that people with disability need evidence based educational programs in order to empower the patients on ways to self manage their health condition. One approach to do so is by advising the patients on the available financial support systems. In the past, people with disabilities had limited options of medical coverage.  

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is one of the important piece of legislation in supporting people with special needs. ACA has established provisions that have expanded health insurance coverage for people with special needs.  As of September 2010, insurers should not deny coverage to people with special needs.  The policy ensures that people with special needs get quality and coordinated care (CDC, 2016).


 CDC. (2016). The affordable Care Act Helps people with special needs. Retrieved from

Response to Dane

Hi Foster,

I enjoyed reading your discussion. Research indicates that 56 million people in the USA are affected by disability. People with disabilities experience disparities in most health indicators such as mental health, violence, injuries and obesity. People with disabilities rarely get routine preventive medical care because of limited availability of care, physical barriers, inadequate healthcare provider’s skills and prohibitive cost. Healthcare providers have a major role to play in order to improve access to care for people with disabilities.

This includes increasing awareness of disability issue in order to promote inclusion of disability components and programs at local level and in national policies. These efforts will promote strategies that will ensure that people with disabilities remain highly knowledgeable about their health conditions, and the healthcare providers protect the rights and dignity of the disabled people (World Health Organization, 2015).


World Health Organization. (2016). Disability and Health. Retrieved from

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