Patient Customer Service Quality

Patient Customer Service Quality
Patient Customer Service Quality

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Clinical Quality: Patient Customer Service Quality

The clinical quality and the customer service quality which brings about the patient experience is used in the evaluation of the type of healthcare provided to the patients. The patient experience that results from the type of health care received is an essential outcome that is linked with the organization quality which is relevant when it comes to the management and assessment of care (Ahmad et al, 2015).

Despite the relationship between customer service quality and clinical quality, there exist some differences that are brought about by various factors. These factors include poor communication affecting the compliance to treatment, poor standards of care and also poor access to services for the customers which affect the provision of Medicare (Amin et al, 2013). The increased aspect of clinical quality is bound to deteriorate the patient-centered care which is enhanced by enhancing quality customer services.

The lack of satisfaction of the services offered at the health centers has prompted the customers to file complaints related to allegations of poor quality care, mistreatment, abuse and also neglect by the care providers. The East view health Centre is one medical nursing home that has received such complaints from the customers. The nursing home is located in the Birmingham has a 59% occupancy rate.

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The health Centre has a bed capacity of 112 beds occupied by the patients. The health Centre is part of the multiple nursing homes ownership under the for-profit corporation (Ihle et al, 2016). The complaints that are reported by the customers are attributed to the challenges and problems experienced in the center. All challenges and problems are closely related to the delivery of care to the patients.

The issue of protecting the patients from misappropriation of personal property, neglect and also mistreatment is highlighted as one of the complaints reported. The complaint relating to the provision of healthcare by the qualified practitioners to each of the patient’s written care plan. The issue of the provision of adequate supervision to reduce the cases of accidents and other health related hazards in the nursing home is also filed as a complaint received from the customers (Ihle et al, 2016).

There are various customer service quality and quality clinical operations that take place in the health Centre. Some of the customer services offered at the health Centre include social work services, therapy services, activities services and physician services among other many. The nurses in the health centers offer services that aim at ensuring the patients are safe and included in the treatment planning process which enhances the patient-centered care for the satisfaction of the customers (Ahmad et al, 2015).

The center also provides care and treatment to patients to reduce the cases of injuries healing the existing bed sores and also prevention of the new bed pressure. The nursing facilities are provided to the patients in the health Centre where the services are expected to be quality with cleanliness and visual appealing facilities. There has been questions and issues about the service quality in the health Centre, which influences the patient’s satisfaction and perception about the nursing home.

The problems and complaints reported by the patients fault some of the quality customer services offered by the health Centre. In this case, the quality is not given full credit for its services. Misappropriations and mistreatment of the patient are some of the complaints relating to customer services that show some inefficiencies (Ihle et al, 2016).

 The customer service quality when it comes to staffing and the timely delivery of care indicates lower quality of care as per the expectations of the patients. The have been complaints about the satisfaction of the patients as per the services they received in the nursing home. There are mental health services, as well as other therapy services offered by the nursing home, has been faulted by the complaints relating to the maintenance and recognition of the individuality of the patients. The patients respect the practitioners to ensure their dignity and respect is fully upheld to enhance a good nurse-patient relationship and satisfaction to quality of care provided.

The clinical quality refers to the accuracy of the procedures and diagnosis tasks carried out by the care providers to the patients (Ihle et al, 2016). The East view health Centre has tried to ensure that the quality of care is offered as per the professional specifications. Special attentions should be on delivering service quality. The health Centre has made efforts aimed at prevention of the infections in the health Centre and also enhancing the proper mechanisms that control the spreading of the infections (Burwell, 2015).

However, there has been complaints relating to the efforts by the nursing home to ensure efficient control of infections and prevention of diseases and injuries which indicates some improvements need to be done to ensure the clinical quality of all operations. The East view health center has effectively kept organized, accurate and complete records for its patients as per the professional standards set.

The availability of qualified professionals that provide care by the written care plan of the patients has led to complaints about the clinical quality in the health Centre. By the inspection results the nursing home is expected to improve their care operations for the patients requiring special services to ensure clinical quality. These services include respiratory care, tracheostomy care, injections and prostheses among other many offered to the patients. Recommendations by the inspection unit to improve on the safety measures is an indicator of the substandard quality care that needs the remedy (Burwell, 2015).

There are various techniques that can be adopted to improve the clinical care and customer service quality in the health Centre. Proposing the implementation and adherence to the patient-centered type of care is one of the techniques that would seek to improve the quality of customer service care at the health Centre. The technique seeks to address issues such as delays of care and lack of full involvement in the treatment plans which highlight some of the complaints reported at East view center.

Training the healthcare providers and offering the technical assistance as well as providing the evidence-based recommendations is a key technique in enhancing them to provide the quality customer service care to the patients. The technique of ensuring inspection to take disciplinary measures for those mistreating the patients and neglecting them to the extent of offering substandard care is vital to improving the quality of the customer service care (Amin et al, 2013). Adoption of these techniques effectively addresses the complaints and the problems that hinder quality services to the customers.

The quality clinical care in the nursing care requires some improvement to ensure the services are offered as per the professional specifications. The shape up of the administration and the staff to enhance the coordination between healthcare providers through the formation of teams which leads to cooperation is a technique that improves clinical care in the nursing home (Ahmad et al, 2015). The technique ensures they care to work together to meet the standards of quality care.

Appointing an internal inspection to identify regularly the areas that need some quality improvement is an important technique that enhances improved clinical care quality. Ensuring the integrated health services and designing a program that controls, investigated and manages infections in the nursing home is an efficient technique in ensuring the improved quality of clinical care. The effective adoption and implementation of the techniques lead to the overall improvement in the quality of care offered in the East view health center.


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