Organized Anti-RFID Essay Assignment

Organized Anti-RFID
Organized Anti-RFID

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Organized Anti-RFID

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Find an example of an Organized Anti-RFID group that wants to stop the spread of RFID technology.

What are their assumptions about RFID technology and its impact on society and business?

Do you agree or disagree with the Anti-RFID group? Why or why not?

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Organized Anti-RFID

What are their assumptions about RFID technology and its impacts on society and business?

Their assumptions are that the RFID technology will compromise the consumer privacy. The technology that is present on the products will track the location of the consumer and share it with others which makes them feel unsafe. Secondly, the manufacturers, government and other people interested in consumer information will easily track the consumer spending patterns (Kazmeyer, 2017).

This is a breach of the rights of individuals to privacy. Thirdly, the use of the RFID technology on students to track them where they are by the students and teachers is a way of treating them like inventory. This is a negative aspect as it interferes with the psychological and mental development of the students in the society (Anderson, 2015).

Fourthly, it increases the possibility of identity theft. The use of RFID on personal documents makes it easy for a third party to access the documentation. On the other hand, in the instance government agencies and business get the information in the wrong hands it can result in losses. The institutions are likely to end up endangering their security and profits which may result in immense damage (Kazmeyer, 2017)….

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